A contact centre is your customer's first point of entry to your organisation.

With voice-centric service no longer the status quo, an omnichannel approach enables customers to contact organisations through their preferred channel, and agents can juggle several conversations at once.

As a leading contact centre consultancy, we work with your teams to understand the capabilities of your existing contact centre platform. We identify places to improve efficiency through the implementation of digital channels and appropriate channel deflection.

If you have digital channels in place, we offer customer journey consultancy to collaboratively design optimal journeys for your customers, or procure a new solution which can deliver across your requirements.

StableLogic helps clients optimise their operations by providing expert contact centre consultancy on technology selection, implementation, and strategy.

We assist in enhancing customer service efficiency, integrating advanced communication systems, and leveraging data analytics for improved decision-making. StableLogic ensures seamless transitions to modern platforms, supports workforce management, and tailors solutions to meet specific business needs, ultimately driving better customer experiences and operational performance. Our contact centre consulting services have proven to transform how organisations connect with their customers and deliver meaningful journeys.


We begin every contact centre consultancy project by reviewing all aspects of your contact centre – from the technology to the customer journey and the performance of the team themselves. We focus on the key areas that are of concern. We help clients to design their future strategy, model the costs and the performance levels, and build the business case.


A benchmark is often an excellent starting point to plan for the future. This will help us understand the following key areas:

  • Cost Base – Is it as good as the market generally?
  • Service Options – Are your competitors providing other options?
  • Accessibility – How does your service compare?
  • Service Levels – Market leading or behind?
  • Customer Experience – Are your competitors better or worse?

We help reduce cost whilst increasing the performance of your contact centre provision.


In the strategy phase, our expert contact centre consultants undertake:

  • Business Requirements – Your business objectives
  • Technology Assessment – Assess current and develop a roadmap
  • Customers – What is the best way to communicate with them?
  • Channel Strategy – Voice, Web Chat, SMS, Email, Video etc
  • Management Information – Obtaining the best MI
  • Sourcing Strategy – In-House or Outsource?
  • Service Hours – Including “follow the sun” options
  • Cost – Modelling different cost options
  • Service Integration – CRM, Saleforce.com, Oracle, MS Dynamics etc.
Procurement & Negotiations

The selection of a new contact centre solution is a major decision that directly impacts the effectiveness of the business for many years to come. From our 30 years of experience as a contact centre consultancy, our objective is not only to advise on a highly functional technology solution but also one that is reliable, cost effective and from a low risk supplier. We support clients with gathering requirements, production of a specification and the full selection process. StableLogic develop specifications and manage contact centre procurements on behalf of clients on a continuous basis.  We understand the different products, suppliers and configuration options and can advise clients how these work in practice. We specialise in the procurement of both contact centre technologies and services, including fully outsourced contact centres.

Implement Changes

Using proven methodologies, we will effectively engage with your project team to ensure the successful roll out and adoption of new technologies. Most recently, projects have included Data Network deployments, SD-WAN deployments, Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS) implementation, Cloud Telephony/ UCaaS (such as Skype for Business) and many more. Offering contact centre consulting services at the forefront of technological advances means that our project managers always remain effective in their role.

Monitor Performance

Our contact centre consulting services don't end when the project does. Upon completion, we'll continue to keep in touch and monitor the success of your new strategy. The transition to a newly-designed contact centre can be challenging, so we make sure to assist in any way we can. We're on call for any problems with new software, equipment or systems you've adopted. If there are any pitfalls, we make sure to patch them up as quickly as possible. 

Our Contact Centre Consultancy Process

Contact Centre Consulting Services

"My focus is on your customers and delivering the results your business is looking to achieve. Our understanding of market technologies and evolving customer habits allows us to help you set yourself apart in your industry. From benchmarks through to entire transformation programmes, we can give you the cutting edge in a customer driven world."

Will Patchett

Lead Consultant, StableLogic

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Discover best practice in every area of your contact centre.

With over 30 years of experience offering contact centre consulting services, we often get the question, 'What is contact centre best practice?". Our consultants give their definition of best practice in every area of your contact centre, from setting an SLA to procuring your tech stack, and everything in between.

Let the insights from this ebook act as a contact centre & customer journey consultancy to guide your next transformation.

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Marios Michael

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Will Patchett

Lead Consultant

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⸻  FAQs 

How do I improve my customer service?

To enhance customer service, our contact centre consulting services focus on refining communication channels, deploying effective call routing systems, and empowering agents with comprehensive training and resources. Utilise sophisticated analytics to gain deeper insights into customer preferences and tailor interactions accordingly. Streamline processes to minimise wait times and maintain consistency across all touchpoints. Continuously seek feedback and adapt service strategies to meet the ever-changing expectations of customers.

What is contact centre best practice?

Contact centre best practice involves prioritising customer experience through efficient call handling, personalised interactions, and prompt issue resolution. Implementing robust technology solutions, continuous agent training, and performance monitoring are key.

For comprehensive insights, explore our eBook, "What is Contact Centre Best Practice?" available for download.

What is a good contact centre SLA?

A good contact centre SLA (Service Level Agreement) outlines clear expectations for response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction metrics. It should be tailored to your business needs, realistic, and measurable.

For detailed guidance on crafting effective SLAs and other best practices, refer to our eBook, "What is Contact Centre Best Practice?" available for download.