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StableLogic has successfully completed a contact centre and customer experience review of industry-leading coach operator, Megabus.

Megabus operate multinational bus services, which are particularly popular with students and young people.

StableLogic were appointed to review the key customer communications challenges and develop a future-proof solution.  The major issues included the multiple communication channels used by customers and the need to operate in multiple languages.

Prior to our involvement, the primary communication channels were Twitter and telephone calls to the call centre.


The scope of the review included the following:

  • Contact Centre
  • Website
  • Apps
  • Social Media
  • Ticketing
  • SMS
  • Email
“MegaBus have worked hard to develop their low cost, high quality, international bus network.  Communicating with thousands of customers, in different countries, each in their own language was a substantial communication challenge. StableLogic interviewed customers and employees across the network to understand their requirements and designed the future communications strategy.”

Joel Barnett, Project Sponsor

The Task

StableLogic’s role was to map the entire customer experience.  A key deliverable was to research the current service with customers and employees across many countries.

An example of a typical challenge is advising a customer from China, travelling in France on a flexible ticket and there has been a change to the schedule. This is a common scenario, in bad traffic conditions. 

StableLogic undertook a detailed analysis, developed a series of options and made recommendations on a future strategy.

The Solution

StableLogic worked closely with Megabus to design a comprehensive communications and customer experience strategy.  This included all areas of customer contact and resulted in a long-term plan, future-proof for years to come. 

When fully implemented, Megabus are expecting a substantial improvement in customer experience.


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