StableLogic supports clients in their cloud modernisation journey - from clients at the start of the journey to the more experienced seeking additional resource.

We not only deliver cloud application migration services, we support application re-writes and upgrades - to really benefit from the cloud.

Our service is designed to help organisations seamlessly transition their applications and workloads from Azure or other cloud services to the AWS cloud while modernising them to harness the full potential of AWS services. With our expert guidance and support, we ensure a smooth and efficient cloud modernisation & migration process, enabling organisations to achieve greater agility, scalability, and efficiency in their IT infrastructure. Whether you're looking to rehost, re-platform, or refactor your applications, StableLogic provides tailored solutions to meet your unique needs and drive innovation in your business.

Client Results

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Re-establishing reliability and performance for small businesses with Firstcom Europe



StableLogic managed the migration of Firstcom Europe's data centres across Europe into a modern cloud infrastructure in AWS.

This has resulted in a significant improvement in reliability and performance for Firstcom's customers. 

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CSCS (2)



The revolutionary application that is transforming standards of safety in construction with CSCS




The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) validate the training and qualifications of over £1m construction workers.

StableLogic delivered the design and development of this complex application which allows construction workers to apply for CSCS cards, ensure their details are validated, and then confirm their validity on site.

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Freeview White-1


tv & media

Making clearer connections across the UK's leading broadcast TV provider with Freeview



Freeview is the UK digital broadcast TV service, providing free-to-air TV services from organisations such as the BBC and ITV.

StableLogic managed a design and cloud migration in AWS for a critical part of their network upgrade project.

The cloud modernisation & migration process starts with the detailed discovery, planning and building of a business case.

This planning stage is the most important part of the process to ensure a successful outcome.

Our expert consultants use discovery skills to understand the current workloads, applications and performance requirements. Our team fully understand the challenges associated with cloud application migrations - no two are the same and there are always special circumstances and situations.

We have seen it before and felt the pain - our experience is what we bring to our clients. Once the analysis is complete, the next phase of our cloud application migration services is to follow the AWS-recommended '6 R Process.'

Option 1: Retire

Following the cloud modernisation analysis there may be applications that are no longer used or required. Many organisations have legacy apps which are no longer used, and now is a good time for a spring clean!

Our process includes confirming the data retention requirements, options for long-term low-cost storage in the cloud, licensing costs and managing the entire process. 

For these applications, data stores, configurations, old websites - the objective is to gracefully close them down, without any business impact, while retaining data where necessary.

Option 2: Retain

There may be applications which are best kept in the data centre, either in the short or long term.

For example, if an application or service is only required for a few more months, there is little point in migrating it to the cloud.

Other applications may be best kept as they are, for example for performance, security, operational or cost reasons.

Option 3: Re-Host (Lift and shift)

Many applications can simply be moved from the data centre into the cloud. In this instance, no changes need to be made to the application itself but it is moved into the cloud through AWS migration services.

This approach can have multiple benefits in terms of availability, backup and cost.

The process starts with a careful analysis of the application requirements and licensing limitations, to ensure a migration to the cloud is possible.

Option 4: Re-Platform (Lift, Shift and Resume)

The fourth option is to migrate the application to the cloud (same as option 3) but change some of the underlying technology. As an example, you could migrate an application but change the underlying database to something more cloud-native, resulting in lower costs and/or higher performance. The application stays the same but the overall performance is improved.

This option intends to obtain additional benefits from cloud services, over and above, the basic cloud application migration services.

Option 5: Re-Purchase (Replace)

There are often some applications that are either due for replacement or are simply not capable of moving to the cloud. In some cases, it's time to purchase a replacement application which meets the future business needs. 

StableLogic has been managing procurement processes for 30 years. We operate a comprehensive procurement framework, to ensure the best product, from the best vendor at the right price.

We support clients in the creation of RFP documents, vendor identification, evaluating responses, short-listing, negotiations and contracting.

Option 6: Re-Architect

There is often a strong business case for a cloud modernisation and/or migration - such as changing the service provided to customers, or optimising business processes. Our software teams are highly experienced at these projects and delivering major applications.

This final option involves a redesign or replacement of an application, with a new purpose-written application, to meet future business needs. StableLogic provides an end-to-end application development process, from initial application design, through coding, quality assurance and release management. Learn more →

10 %

Typical increase in service availability compared to previous situations.


The number 1 reason our clients list for migrating to the cloud.


The second main reason our clients list for migrating to the cloud.

CTO's are very aware of the benefits of migrating services to the cloud.

Common benefits from cloud application migration services include cost reduction, increased performance, availability and enhanced security. These are all completely valid, but the real business benefit comes from the modernisation of applications.

Many clients are looking to gain benefit from Generative AI - which is very difficult without a cloud modernisation & migration process.

StableLogic have many years experience in offering AWS migration services. We understand the business, operational, user and technical challenges. We are not just an AWS Partner, but a consultancy with a deep understanding of delivering on the business outcomes in the cloud.

cloud application migration services

"Migrating to the cloud is the first stage of a modern IT infrastructure - but the benefits come from the Modernisation step. Our clients are seeking to innovate and transform - and deliver real business benefit."

Per Heideby

Head of StableLogic Labs

Elements of business transformation in AWS migration.

Improved productivity.

Let AWS handle your IT management and free up your team to drive business value in new ways.

Scalability and flexibility.

Easily scale up or down based on demand, ensuring you don't need to overprovision.

Innovation and speed.

Bring ideas to market faster with AWS's broad set of services that enable rapid development.

Security and compliance.

Protect your data, applications and infrastructure with AWS's robust security features.

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Per Heideby
Per Heideby

Head of StableLogic Labs


Faiz Rasool
Faiz Rasool

Head of StableLogic Labs


Anas Aslam
Anas Aslam

Cloud Engineer

Hans Pedersen
Hans Pedersen

DevOps Engineer

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How do I migrate to AWS?
To migrate to AWS, organisations should follow a structured approach, including assessing their current environment, planning the migration strategy, executing the migration with minimal disruption, and optimising the AWS environment post-migration. StableLogic provides expert cloud application migration services and supports you throughout this process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the AWS cloud.
What is AWS migration best practice?
AWS migration best practices include thorough planning, assessing current workloads, selecting the appropriate migration strategy (such as rehosting, re-platforming, or refactoring), conducting testing, and ensuring ongoing monitoring and optimisation post-migration. StableLogic offers expert cloud modernisation guidance and support to ensure organisations adhere to these best practices, enabling a seamless and efficient migration to the AWS cloud.
What are cloud application migration services?

AWS Cloud Application Migration services involve migrating existing applications and workloads to the AWS cloud while modernising them to leverage the full capabilities of AWS. StableLogic provides comprehensive AWS migration services, ensuring organisations achieve greater agility, scalability, and efficiency in their IT infrastructure.