From supply chain disruptions to rapid developments in ecommerce and consumer behaviour, retailers must reinvent how they reach customers.

Technological innovations such as augmented reality, AI-powered tools, and advanced analytics further diversify both customer habits and retail operations - necessitating a shift towards agile practices.

Additionally, the need for robust and efficient supply chains has become paramount in the face of global disruptions. To navigate these complex and dynamic trends, retailers increasingly require external guidance.

With over 30 year's experience, StableLogic are your trusted technology partner and can help you navigate the complex technology landscape allowing you to focus on what you do best - delighting customers.

Key transformations in retail & consumer products.

Hover over each case study to discover how we are helping to transform leaders at the forefront of retail & consumer products.




Saving £2.7m & bolstering performance at the forefront of eCommerce with ASOS



ASOS is a multinational online fashion retailer, with millions of customers around the world.

StableLogic redefined the Operating Model for ASOS's network management team including an outsourced managed service.




Reshaping member services to transform the UK's standard of fitness with PureGym



PureGym is the UK's largest gym operator, with over 300 sites in the UK alone.

StableLogic supported the organisation with definition of a Target Operating Model to transform member experience which resulted in a better experience at a reduced cost.




Delivering a new global network across 55 countries and 600 sites with Danone

StableLogic delivered this global network transformation for this leading organisation.

We transformed over 600 sites comprising 1500 devices in 19 business regions and over 2000 circuits. The scope included local business communication, new vendor management, exiting vendor management, business case management and budget control.

In a world where you can buy anything with a single click, it has never been more crucial to create unique digital and in-store experiences for customers.

Personalisation through data analytics and AI is becoming essential, offering tailored shopping experiences. There is a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical consumption, prompting retailers to adopt eco-friendly practices and transparent supply chains. Technological innovations like augmented reality and AI chatbots are transforming customer engagement and operational efficiency. Additionally, supply chain optimisation through advanced technologies is crucial for resilience and responsiveness to market changes.

eCommerce and Omnichannel Retailing
The shift towards e-commerce has accelerated, with consumers increasingly preferring online shopping for convenience and variety. Retailers are adopting omnichannel strategies, integrating physical and digital experiences to provide seamless shopping across multiple platforms.
Personalisation and Customer Experience
Retailers are leveraging data analytics and AI to offer personalised shopping experiences, tailoring product recommendations and marketing to individual preferences. Enhancing customer experience is becoming crucial, with a focus on creating engaging and customised interactions both online and in-store.
Sustainability and Ethical Consumption
There is a growing demand for sustainable and ethically produced products as consumers become more environmentally conscious. Retailers are responding by adopting eco-friendly practices, offering sustainable product lines, and ensuring transparency in their supply chains.
Technological Innovation in Retail
Advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and AI-powered chatbots are being incorporated into retail to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. These innovations are transforming the shopping experience, making it more interactive and efficient.
Supply Chain Optimisation
The need for resilient and efficient supply chains has been underscored by recent global disruptions. Retailers are investing in supply chain optimisation through technologies like blockchain, IoT, and advanced analytics to improve transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness to market changes.

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