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About PureGym

PureGym is a leading fitness centre chain headquartered in the UK, renowned for its accessible and affordable approach to fitness. With 362 locations in the U.K, PureGym offers 24/7 access and a variety of membership options, ensuring flexibility and convenience for its diverse customer base.

Key to PureGym's business success is its commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, coupled with a range of group exercise classes led by certified instructors. This focus on quality and variety enhances the overall customer experience, driving membership retention and revenue growth. With its customer-centric approach and emphasis on innovation, PureGym continues to lead the fitness industry, poised for further expansion and success in the market.

“They grasped the concept of PureGym. We're a value business, a no-nonsense business, and so we needed systems that are fantastic at exactly what we needed them to do.”

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer of PureGym


PureGym encountered challenges at its customer centre in Leeds as a result of its rapid expansion. The centre primarily utilised call-based services, which became strained as the workload grew. The utilisation of disparate systems such as an on-premises telephony system, virtual desktops, and various third-party apps impeded the efficiency of the agents. Connecting previous interactions and upgrading IT systems proved difficult due to the continuous 24-hour operations.

During peak seasons, notably in January and September, the business experienced a surge in demand and addressed it by hiring temporary staff, resulting in significant expenses. The heightened demand adversely affected both customer and employee experiences, leading to extended wait times and customer frustration. Recognising the unsustainability of relying solely on recruitment, the company embarked on transforming its customer service operations.

The Solution

StableLogic and PureGym teamed up to find the most efficient solution. The project began with an assessment of the current infrastructure, which concluded that retiring the on-premise compute would be the first step. This was replaced with a unified cloud-based contact centre platform. Procuring this platform took the shape of a thorough evaluative process, in which the StableLogic advised on the most appropriate provider. The chosen provider’s solution was noted for its user-friendly interface, rapid activation of omnichannel features, AI automation, and workforce management tools.

The project took shape in four distinct workstreams to enable the channel migration and adoption of remote work practices. These initiatives aimed to guarantee a seamless experience for both users and employees, establish a comprehensive knowledge repository, introduce a chatbot to alleviate advisors' repetitive tasks, and create internal applications and tools to elevate service quality.

"They are clearly experts in their field and they really got to grips with our business, what we needed to achieve, and really importantly, how we needed to do that."

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer of PureGym


Assisted by experts, the migration process advanced seamlessly with little disturbance. At present, several months after implementation, the organisation is actively reaping the rewards of this transition. Here are some the key results.

  • Now, 69% of all member requests are handled through self-service, which is a 10% improvement from last year. This reduces the overall incoming requests by 16% to 31% of total volume.
  • Only 20% of the total incoming requests now need a human advisor, down from 33% in 2022. That's a significant decrease of 38%.
  • Thanks to both self-service improvements and reduced manual handling, there's been a 29% drop in the number of requests from members. Advisors now handle about 460 requests per month, down from 644 in 2022.

The Future

StableLogic remain closely by to assist with any further changes, while PureGym are able to further enhance their customer service by leveraging the scaling and flexibility available over their new cloud platform.


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