Organisations need a network that is reliable, stable, and supports modern application requirements.

Without this crucial infrastructure, businesses forfeit efficiency and connection across both teams and technologies. This is where network consultancy services can help.

At StableLogic, we conduct a comprehensive review of your entire network service, encompassing Local Area Network (LAN), Wi-Fi, Wide Area Network (WAN), and network security. Our network services consulting experts meticulously evaluate the current state of each component to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Following this in-depth assessment, we define a strategic plan and develop a detailed roadmap to remediate any issues and transform these services. This strategy ensures enhanced performance, security, and scalability, aligning with your business objectives and preparing your network infrastructure for future demands.

Client Results

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Saving £2.7m & bolstering performance at the forefront of eCommerce with ASOS


ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer, primarily aimed at young adults.

After a period of rapid growth, they needed a review of their network infrastructure to ensure it was scalable in line with their business strategy. StableLogic managed the procurement process for ASOS, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation, and drafted a robust contract, emphasising commercial terms and service-level agreements.

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Futureproof network connectivity amidst 19th-century architecture with Covéa Insurance




Covéa Insurance needed a forward-thinking Wi-Fi solution for their offices.

StableLogic determined a strategy for the procurement and implementation of an AI-driven solution. By mitigating connectivity issues and enhancing network stability, Covea's workforce experienced a seamless transition, boosting productivity, and fostering a positive work environment.

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Securing bank connections to support safe financial migration and boost the UK's economy with Vocalink



Part of Mastercard, VocaLink run the UK Link ATM network and the BACS infrastructure which manages the transfers of funds between banks.

As critical national infrastructure, the reliability and availability of the network was key. StableLogic completed a network audit, benchmarking and contract negotiation, resulting in reduced costs and enhanced service levels.

StableLogic assists clients in optimising their connectivity by providing expert network consultancy services across their landscape.

We perform comprehensive reviews to evaluate current performance, pinpoint weaknesses, and suggest enhancements. Based on this assessment, we create strategic plans and roadmaps to address issues and improve overall network performance, security, and scalability. Our business network infrastructure consultancy ensures that your infrastructure aligns with business objectives and is prepared to meet future demands.

1. Discovery & Requirements
The objective of this phase is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your network including connectivity, LAN, WAN, WiFi, security, support model, BCP, operational model, capabilities and current challenges. We achieve this with the following:
Documentation: We review your existing documentation and records. Ideally this should include current contracts for network services, utilisation reporting, IT roadmap, incident report, commercials, SLA reporting, network topology diagrams, etc.
Workshops & Interviews: We conduct a number of workshops and interviews with key stakeholders, including leadership, management and IT. Workshops are fully facilitated by the lead consultant with supporting presentations that feature current market trends.
Objectives: Finally, we will have a strategic requirements workshop to fully understand your vision and objectives for the future.
Then, our network services consulting experts provide you with a Discovery & Business Requirements document to validate our findings. This process helps bring together all project stakeholders together and fully align on next steps as well.
2. Strategy
Next, we consider strategic options to meet your requirements. Based on our 30 years offering network consultancy services, we use an iterative process to identify options, condense them into diagrams and present them to you. Our analysis includes budgets, benefits, limitations, timescales, etc.
Following numerous workshops, the team will narrow down the options until we identify a preferred strategy. We then pull together a high-level strategy design with a detailed budget. This can then be presented to management to obtain approval to compile the business case.
3. Business Case
Following any preferred bidder or procurement decisions, we put together a financial business case, starting with updated budgetary costs to reflect the accurate commercials. This will include:
  • Flexible and adaptable changes in migration scheduling and planning.
  • Assurance that the business case can be interrogated to get any viewpoint required using meta data on each cost.
  • A dashboard for visuals and pivot tables to export data, plus segmentation to show business cases for different business units.
  • CapEx & OpEx expenditure tracking.
  • Updating the budgetary commercials with values provided through the RFP, to track project costs through implementation.
4. Roadmapping
Once a strategy has been defined, we work with you to develop the project roadmap, from procurement of any & all services to implementation. We take your priorities, pain points, geographic regions & criticalities into consideration.
We then provide a graphical timeline based on the way your organisation is structured which can be used to present the roadmap to all project stakeholders and internal customers.
5. Procurement
We can easily integrate into your procurement approach, working to deliver a comprehensive RFP document that ensures a strong market response and meets your requirements.
As part of our network consultancy services, we fully manage the RFP process including supplier Q&As and evaluation. We use an industry standard approach to scoring and agree a detailed evaluation matrix with the client ahead of releasing the RFP to the supplier short list.
6. Implementation Support
We can support you during the implementation in the following ways:
  • Project & Change Management
  • Business Case Management
  • Technical architecture support
  • Supplier Management
  • Communication Management
  • Risk & Issues logging
 Previous clients have found many benefits with our network consultancy services, including:
  • Delivering In-Scope: As we have managed the process from the start, we are best placed to ensure the project is delivered as defined in the requirements.
  • Mediation: As a 3rd Party, we can mediate contentious issues during implementation between the supplier & yourselves.
  • Stakeholder Management: Throughout the Requirements & RFP Process, we will have already built relationships with global stakeholders, helping drive the implementation
  • Client-First Approach: We will work to the methodologies & processes of the client, to work as a team and not “us & them.”
7. Measuring Success

A critical part of any network services consulting project is to validate that investments have yielded positive results. We work with you to develop KPIs, then track their success using Excel, PowerPoint or Power BI to capture that data and present it back.

Our clients have reported the following, post-transformation:

95 %

Reduction in Network Errors

20 %

Saved in Network Costs

50 %

Increase in Bandwidth

50 %

Faster Incident Resolution Time

Our Network Consultancy Methodology

Network Consultancy Services

"Network transformation is not just about implementing new technologies, but about revolutionising cost and performance.  At StableLogic, we're not just delivering marginal improvements; we're delivering complete transformations."

Marios Michael

Principal Consultant, StableLogic

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An essential resource for businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure.

This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the latest network technologies, key considerations for modernisation, and practical steps for implementation. It covers everything from evaluating current systems to selecting the right solutions and planning a successful transition.

Gain expert knowledge to make informed decisions, enhance your network performance, and ensure your business is prepared for future technological advancements.

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⸻  FAQs 

How do I reduce network cost?

To reduce network costs, our network consultancy services aim to optimise your current infrastructure by consolidating services, leveraging cloud solutions, and implementing efficient network management practices. Conduct regular audits to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses, and negotiate better rates with service providers. Adopting scalable technologies and automating processes can also drive long-term cost savings.

Learn more about our Cost Saving practice by visiting Benchmarking, Audits & Cost Optimisation →

How do I improve my network performance?

To improve your network performance, our consultants conduct a thorough assessment to identify bottlenecks, upgrade outdated equipment, and ensure optimal configuration of network devices. Implement Quality of Service (QoS) policies to prioritise critical traffic, and consider using advanced technologies like SD-WAN for better traffic management. Regular monitoring and proactive maintenance are also crucial for sustaining high performance, which our network services consulting experts can help with.

What is a good network design for cloud services?

A good network design for cloud services includes a hybrid approach that integrates on-premises infrastructure with cloud resources. Ensure high availability and redundancy through multiple data centres and robust failover mechanisms. Utilise scalable bandwidth and advanced security measures like VPNs and firewalls. Implement SD-WAN for efficient traffic management and seamless connectivity between cloud and on-premises environments.

Should I move from MPLS to SD-WAN?

Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN can offer greater flexibility, cost savings, and improved performance. SD-WAN allows for dynamic traffic management, enhanced security, and easier integration with cloud services. It also provides better scalability and can be more cost-effective by utilising multiple connection types.

StableLogic are a business network infrastructure consultancy, so we are well-equipped to guide network migrations at scale with minimal disruption to BAO.