StableLogic is a multinational organisation with talent all over the world. Our leaders come from many different backgrounds with a diverse range of skillsets, strengthening our overall expertise. 

Craig specialises in complex and multinational projects and the integration of different technologies and services needed to deliver a business outcome.

Joel is committed to client delivery and has successfully delivered a wide range of projects resulting in service enhancement and cost reduction.

Per Heideby is the operational head of Stablelogic Labs. His background in everything from technology businesses to business communication has spanned over 35 years, marked by innovation and development.

Serving as the technical head of StableLogic Labs, Faiz is responsible for the successful execution of high-level, complex projects. Faiz's expertise and leadership make him a valuable asset across projects.

Marios has worked in IT for 25+ years with experience consulting on all aspects of voice and data communications including LAN, Hybrid WAN, WiFi, Security, VoIP and more.

Euan specialises in managing high-level digital transformation programmes, specifically network transformations and UCaaS deployments as well as process and project methodology optimisation.

Kaity is experienced in managing marketing objectives, brand development and business goals in the technology sector. She is passionate about StableLogic's core values and brand identity.