Put simply, organisations need a solution that meets their project requirements, budget, and time frame.

As a change management consultancy, our goal is for you to meet your strategic targets with less risk and more financial stability, as quickly as possible.

The success of a project hinges on the strength of the team behind it. That's why we offer an expert team offering change management consulting services, ready to take ownership, manage, and deliver your project with the same dedication as your own team. With extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, our project managers seamlessly integrate into your organisation, ensuring efficient coordination, effective communication, and successful project outcomes.

By leveraging our consultancy for change management, you can confidently navigate the complexities of project execution while focusing on your core business priorities. We act as an extension of your team, bringing our expertise and dedication to every project to drive results and exceed expectations.

Client Results

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Delivering a new global network across 55 countries and 600 sites with Danone


StableLogic delivered this global network transformation for this leading organisation.

We transformed over 600 sites comprising 1500 devices in 19 business regions and over 2000 circuits.

The scope included local business communication, new vendor management, exiting vendor management, business case management and budget control.

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Clarion Housing (2)-1


public sector

Managing a security upgrade for the UK's largest housing association with Clarion Housing




We managed deployment for a major technology & security upgrade across 250 sites.

The project resulted in zero downtime for any site, was tracked against the business case and was delivered on budget.

The resulting service is a major improvement to staff and residents, and significantly increasing security.

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AlphaTheta (1)



Transforming customer delivery to empower harmonious experiences with AlphaTheta



StableLogic's change management team delivered a workforce management project for AlphaTheta.

The project included technology, process redesign, recruitment of staff and project management.

Within the contact centre, we enhanced the call flow and agent availability to deliver an enhanced customer service.

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The Change Management Process

"Embracing change is not just a necessity, but an opportunity to lead and excel. We ensure that transitions are not only smooth but also pave the way for innovation and growth."

Euan Welsh

Programme Manager, StableLogic

StableLogic provides holistic assistance to clients throughout change management consultancy and transformation endeavours.

Our skilled team offers strategic counsel and pragmatic solutions to navigate organisational changes efficiently, reduce resistance, and maximise adoption. From evaluating readiness and devising change strategies to implementing communication plans and delivering training, our change management consulting services facilitate a seamless transition and foster enduring change. With our bespoke approach and dedication to fostering positive outcomes, we empower businesses to embrace change, innovate, and attain long-term success.

1. Project Management Frameworks & Methodologies

We start every project by establishing the methodology we want to follow. Our expert change management consultancy team has a multitude of experience across both waterfall and agile methodologies, and we're happy to tailor our approach to suit your specific requirements. We are flexible and knowledgeable with a desire to bring real change and benefit to your organisation.

2. Resource Management

Once a methodology has been chosen, we begin taking stock of our project resources - do you have an in-house project team, or will we be acting as such? We are happy to work as an extension of your existing team, there to offer assistance, and guidance and be an additional resource for added capabilities. We can also integrate into your existing culture and function as your project team from the inside, delivering completely within scope.

3. Project Scoping & Planning

With our approach and resourcing finalised, we can begin understanding the project scope. For example, if you've purchased a solution and don't know where to start with implementing it, our experienced change management consultancy team will get to work identifying the scope and plan to implement and maintain this new solution in your organisation.

We have worked with a wide range of project requirements, from complete digital transformations to software and app development, and everywhere in between.

4. Reporting & Documentation

As your project progresses, one of our main priorities is that all project members and stakeholders are kept in the loop, engaged, and able to influence the direction of the project. We achieve this through consistent and thorough documentation.

This allows for full transparency and accountability, as well as making sure all levels get the information they need when they need it.

5. Risk Issue & Budget Management

Our years of experience running technology-based projects has taught our project managers to expect the unexpected. We manage all risks and issues on a daily basis, ensuring the right people are involved and informed at the right time.

It also ensures accountability; that we are staying within budget, within scope and in accordance with the statement of work. This keeps your project on-track and optimises the delivery for better results from our change management consulting services.

6. Communication Transparency

Communication is key. From our reporting and documentation through to daily stand-ups and steer co meetings, our project managers excel in transparent and honest communication.

We are available at any time to offer support and communicate project details. We are flexible, yet grounded in reality, which helps us run a project through to the end and reach a successful handover.

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Euan Welsh
Euan Welsh

Programme Manager

Tanya Kurt
Tanya Kurt

Project Manager

⸻  FAQs 

What is change management?

Change management involves systematically planning, implementing, and managing changes within an organisation to ensure smooth transitions and minimise disruption. It focuses on addressing the human side of change, including managing resistance, communication, and training, to facilitate successful adoption of new processes, technologies, or strategies. Change management consulting services can help drive this forward in your organisation without depleting resources or disrupting BAO.

What is the difference between change management and project management?

Change management focuses on managing the people side of change within an organisation, addressing factors such as communication, resistance, and training to facilitate successful adoption of new initiatives. Project management, on the other hand, is concerned with planning, executing, and delivering specific projects, focusing on tasks, timelines, budgets, and resources to achieve project objectives. While change management and project management are closely related, they serve different purposes within the context of organisational change and transformation. Our change management consulting services are driven by expert project managers with years of experience in complex, high level programme management.

What are the key steps of change management?

The key steps in our change management consultancy projects typically include assessing the need for change, defining the change vision and strategy, engaging stakeholders, communicating effectively, implementing the change, and sustaining change through reinforcement and evaluation. Each step is essential for navigating organisational change successfully and achieving desired outcomes.