Cloud services are critical to the operation of many modern organisations.

With the introduction of AI services, cloud optimisation services are going to become even more critical to business success.

But cloud services, especially with AI workloads, can be a considerable ongoing operational cost. But that cost can come down - we are cloud cost consultants and we can show you how.
Many teams consider the basic cost reduction options, such as Savings Plans and Reserved Instances, from AWS. But this is just a small part of the opportunity - the big savings are yet to come.

Your free initial assessment.

All we need is a copy of your current AWS bill and a brief discussion call. Our team of AWS experts will analyse where you are today, and estimate the potential savings. If you then decide to proceed, all we ask is for a percentage of the savings delivered.

The AWS Cost Optimisation Lifecycle

As cloud cost consultants, we survey the organisation's current IT infrastructure, applications, and workloads, along with analysing business objectives, licensing agreements, performance requirements, and potential risks and benefits of cloud adoption​.
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Client Results

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Saving over £10K in excess cloud expenditure every month for Firstcom Europe



StableLogic undertook an AWS cost optimisation process for Firstcom Europe.

The outcome was a successful delivery of monthly savings of over $10k, without any impact on performance.

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CSCS (2)



Growing cloud cost savings from £5K per month to much more with CSCS




The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) engaged StableLogic to undertake a cost optimisation process.

The outcome was a successful delivery of savings in over $5k in the first month, with much more to come.

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Our Cost Optimisation Methodology

StableLogic's cloud optimisation services for costs starts with a detailed assessment of current cloud usage to identify inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.

As cloud cost consultants, we implement strategies such as rightsizing resources and leveraging reserved instances, followed by continuous monitoring and management to maintain cost efficiency. Regular reviews and detailed reporting ensure that the cloud environment remains financially optimised over time.

Cost Analysis
The starting point for any cost review is the business objectives and requirements of the workloads. Any cost-saving process needs to ensure the business needs, security, availability and performance required by the business are all met.
As experienced cloud cost consultants, this is our starting point, anyone can save money by reducing performance - but that is not a practical solution.
We then conduct a detailed review of the cloud infrastructure, using both market-leading tools and our expert knowledge. Our objective is to analyse each cost, understand the associated requirements, consider the options and ultimately optimise cloud costs.
We use both AWS and third-party tools, including our bespoke tools, to identify cost-saving opportunities, including:
- Veroxos
- AWS Billing and Cost Explorer
- CloudCheckr
No tool solves the challenge - the tools inform our experts to deliver the best result for your organisation. Our focus as cloud cost consultants is always on the business requirements and ensuring security and performance.
Cost Saving Options
Our methodology integrates the different cost reduction options, including:
- Application design
- Rightsizing
- Auto-Scaling design
- Application requirement of the infrastructure design
- Available cloud provider discounts (many of which are not published)
- Infrastructure service selection - the right service for the right job
- Partner discount options
Against each of these options, we also calculate the cost and time to achieve the savings, to allow our clients to make informed business decisions.
Of course, there is no point in undertaking the audit if you're not going to deliver the savings.
Our highly skilled team of cloud engineers are available to help you implement and ensure delivery of the savings.
Our Costs
If you are probably wondering how much we charge, the answer is simple - nothing. Our charges come from the delivered savings. No savings, no charge.
We are pleased to undertake a free initial assessment, we will then give you an estimate of the savings available, and a proposal based on a percentage of the savings delivered from cloud optimisation services.

"Cloud costs are one of those areas of IT spend that only grows. Without active management it can easily get out of control. We have the skills and tools to change that trend - at no cost to our clients."

Sajid Rasool

Data Analyst, StableLogic

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Sajid Rasool
Sajid Rasool

Data Analyst

⸻  FAQs 

How can I reduce AWS costs?
Reducing AWS costs can be achieved through several strategic approaches. We recommend optimising resource usage by regularly reviewing and right-sizing instances, leveraging Reserved Instances and Savings Plans for predictable workloads, and implementing Auto-Scaling to adjust the number of running instances based on demand. Additionally, utilising Spot Instances for flexible applications can provide substantial cost reductions.

Monitoring and managing storage costs by reviewing usage and lifecycle policies, and using tools like Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering, helps move data to the most cost-effective storage class. Minimising data transfer costs by keeping data within the same AWS region and using Amazon CloudFront, automating and scheduling resource shutdowns, and utilising AWS Cost Management tools like AWS Budgets and AWS Trusted Advisor for alerts and recommendations are also effective strategies. By implementing these measures, StableLogic ensures optimal utilisation and cost efficiency of your AWS resources.
What are the steps in AWS cost optimisation?

As cloud cost consultants, we recommend a structured approach to cloud optimisation services, involving the following key steps:

1. Analyse Current Usage and Costs: Begin with a thorough review of your current AWS usage and associated costs using AWS Cost Explorer. Identify patterns, peak usage times, and areas where costs are highest.

2. Right-Size Your Resources: Evaluate your existing instances and services to ensure they are appropriately sized for your workloads. Adjust or terminate underutilised resources to prevent over-provisioning.

3. Leverage Reserved Instances and Savings Plans: For workloads with predictable usage, invest in Reserved Instances or Savings Plans to benefit from reduced rates compared to On-Demand pricing.

4. Implement Auto-Scaling: Use Auto-Scaling to automatically adjust the number of running instances based on real-time demand, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

5. Utilise Spot Instances: For flexible and fault-tolerant workloads, consider using Spot Instances, which can provide substantial cost savings compared to regular On-Demand instances.

6. Optimise Storage Solutions: Regularly review your storage usage. Implement lifecycle policies to move infrequently accessed data to cheaper storage classes such as Amazon S3 Glacier.

7. Monitor and Reduce Data Transfer Costs: Minimise data transfer expenses by keeping data within the same AWS region when possible and using Amazon CloudFront for efficient content delivery.

8. Automate Resource Management: Use automation tools and scripts to schedule the shutdown of non-essential resources outside of business hours to avoid unnecessary costs.

9. Utilise AWS Cost Management Tools: Take advantage of tools like AWS Budgets, AWS Trusted Advisor, and AWS Cost Anomaly Detection to monitor expenses, set cost alerts, and receive cost-saving recommendations.

10. Regularly Review and Adjust: Make cost optimisation an ongoing process. Regularly review your AWS usage and costs, and adjust your strategy as necessary to ensure continued efficiency and savings.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and reduce your AWS costs. StableLogic can provide expert guidance and support throughout the optimisation process, ensuring you maximise the value of your AWS investment.