As your most valuable asset, people are at the very core of a successful business.

How do you grow whilst maintaining cost, quality and culture? How do you boost efficiency whilst remaining flexible?

We can help you to deliver an Operating Model that drives success throughout your organisation. As an operating model design consultancy, we work closely with you to design and implement a customised model tailored to your specific needs and goals.

By leveraging our proven methodologies and industry best practices, we ensure that the new Operating Model not only enhances efficiency but also fosters sustainable growth and innovation across all levels of your organisation.

  Deliver transformational change

  Increase business efficiency

 Unlock team innovation

 Improve business agility

Breaking down the operating model.

The rate of innovation and change in modern businesses is truly rapid.
To succeed you need an Operating Model that can adapt, scale and learn quickly. Technology enablement can only get you so far, the people, process and overall framework are crucial for success. StableLogic offer target operating model consulting, consisting of the following:
Organisational Blueprint
The blueprint details the hierarchy, reporting lines, and relationships between different departments, teams, and roles within the organisation. It defines how authority, responsibility, and communication flow through the organisation.
Critical Process Map
Breaking down each critical process into individual steps or activities, providing a detailed overview of how the process flows from start to finish. This helps in understanding the sequence of tasks and dependencies within the process.
Functionality Capabilities Requirements
Functionality Capability Requirements (FCRs) are essential elements that a system, product, or service must possess to fulfil its intended functions and meet the needs of users or stakeholders.
Target Operating Model Action Plan
A Target Operating Model (TOM) action plan outlines the steps and initiatives required to transition from the current state of operations to the desired future state as defined by the TOM.

Client Results

Hover over each case study to discover how we are helping clients transform their businesses through a leading-edge IT operating model design consultancy.




Redefining how critical teams operate at the forefront of eCommerce with ASOS



ASOS is a multinational online fashion retailer, with millions of customers around the world.

StableLogic redefined the Operating Model for ASOS's network management team including an outsourced managed service.

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Driving improvement across every facet of a fast-moving industry with Nandos




StableLogic worked with this premier food retailer to understand their business needs and drive improvement.

The project included a detailed analysis of requirements, workshops and data. We delivered a highly effective outcome which has been fully implemented.




How a new Operating Model led to lower costs & transformed member services with PureGym



PureGym is the UK's largest gym operator, with over 300 sites in the UK alone.

StableLogic supported the organisation with definition of a Target Operating Model to transform member experience which resulted in a better experience at a reduced cost.

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The journey to designing teams that succeed.

We have 30 years of experience in target operating model consulting, tailoring each model to an organisation's goals and resources.

Target Operating Model Consulting

"StableLogic delivered the consultancy we needed from them, enabling us to move forward with our Operating Model much more quickly than we ever could have done alone and we got value from the money spent."

Katy White


Connect with the StableLogic Operating Model Design Consultancy team.



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Principal Consultant

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Tanya Kurt


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Will Patchett

Lead Consultant

⸻  FAQs 

What is a Target Operating Model?
A Target Operating Model (TOM) is a strategic blueprint that outlines the desired future state of an organisation's operations. It provides a comprehensive framework detailing how the business should be structured, including processes, technology, people, and governance, to achieve its strategic objectives and deliver value to stakeholders. Organisations often work with an operating model design consultancy to create and deliver the operations set in the TOM.
How long does it take to transform to a new Operating Model?
The time required to transform to a new Operating Model varies significantly based on the complexity and scale of the organisation, but it typically ranges from several months to a few years. We are operating model consultants, and leverage our expertise to streamline this process, ensuring an efficient and effective transformation tailored to your unique needs.
What does an operating model design consultancy do?

Target operating model consulting usually consists of analysing and restructuring an organisation’s operational framework to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. At StableLogic, we develop tailored operating models that align with business strategies, streamline processes, and optimise resource allocation, ensuring you are well-positioned to achieve your goals and adapt to future challenges.