Getting an understanding of your overall telecom inventory and spend can be a daunting task. However, the potential from doing so can be immense. Telecommunications costs can represent a significant part of a company’s budget. Thus, a telecom audit that provides a clear understanding of your spend and identifies avenues for improvement can be a useful method to cut costs and improve your overall services.


StableLogic have a proven methodology that can quickly and effectively reduce your telecommunications expenses. Our telecommunications audits, review all aspects of an organisations telecom costs and deliver practical savings without any impact to services. A detailed audit can compare costs against similar organisations, in order to highlight inefficiencies and provide options to reduce cost.

We consider every single cost item, identify their use, analyse their cost and consider if there is a lower cost alternative. Thus, ensuring that all costs are analysed and savings accurately identified.

StableLogic’s approach to telecom audits delivers fast and low risk cost savings. Our audits identify ways to:
• Cancel redundant services.
• Consolidate suppliers and services.
• Identify the right size services.
• Select the best tariffs – at the best market rates.

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