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StableLogic delivered a global review of network connectivity for ASOS resulting in enhanced performance, cost optimisation and digital enablement.


About ASOS

ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer, primarily aimed at young adults. The website sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories, and ships to all 196 countries from fulfilment centres in the UK, USA and Europe.

As ASOS grew their global footprint, they were looking to have a review of their network infrastructure to ensure it was scalable in line with their business strategy. ASOS engaged with StableLogic to perform this review.


The Challenge

ASOS were facing the following challenges with their network:

  1. Incumbent MSP has disparate access to the network and documentation, creating handover and ambiguous demarcation of responsibility.
  2. Disparate WAN resilience solutions do not always failover successfully.
  3. Difficulties with increasing or decreasing Committed Information Rates (CIRs) on provisioned MPLS circuits.
  4. Delays with provisioning new circuits into ASOS sites.
  5. Limited and immature monitoring and alerting service, lacking key functionality that ASOS would be expecting.
  6. Too many parties involved in the delivery of Lumen MPLS circuits. This has resulted in rack space issues within ASOS sites, as multiple providers’ equipment needs to be catered for.
  7. No standard network approach for delivering ASOS sites.
  8. The ASOS MPLS network is mainly supported by US-based Lumen technical resources. This has resulted in delayed response to issues due to different time zones.
  9. Poor configuration management provided by the incumbent MPLS provider.
  10. High ongoing cost of the current MPLS solution.
"Working closely with ASOS, we were able to identify and address key network challenges that were impeding their global operations. By implementing an SDWAN solution and streamlining their network infrastructure, we not only enhanced their connectivity and performance but also achieved significant cost savings. Leveraging StableLogic's strategic consultancy capabilities to drive operational efficiency and support ASOS's business objectives was a real pleasure."

Marios Michael, Consultant


StableLogic partnered with ASOS to develop a strategy that harnesses the power of SDWAN overlay, utilising internet circuits at ASOS sites for seamless connectivity to performance hubs accessing Azure and other internet services.

SDWAN technology offers centralised orchestration, enabling efficient management of multiple circuits and a consistent user experience.

The connectivity strategy for ASOS sites is founded on fully diverse Dual DIA or DIA/Broadband circuits. By leveraging the same ISP and staying on-net with DIA, MPLS-quality performance was achieved.

Following the consolidation of connectivity into a single supplier model, the service transitioned to a proactive support framework. This allowed the supplier to monitor the network and respond promptly to any performance issues.

StableLogic managed the procurement process for ASOS, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation and feedback system that instilled confidence in all bidders. Post-selection, StableLogic assisted ASOS in drafting a robust contract, emphasising commercial terms and service-level agreements.

“StableLogic delivered the consultancy we needed from them, enabling us to move forward with our Network Strategy much more quickly than we ever could have done alone and we got value from the money spent."

Katy White, Project Manager


Upon completion of the project, ASOS experienced the following results:

  1. More bandwidth, local breakouts and granular security controls will improve end user performance.
  2. Better monitoring capabilities will mitigate incidents faster.
  3. Significantly increased visibility into the network.
  4. AIOps & SDWAN will increase ASOS speed to resolve incidents.
  5. Fully managed service (NOC) will monitor and maintain the network 24x7 with experts available to resolve incidents.
  6. Internet-centric underlay provides ASOS with flexibility with respect to future projects.
  7. ASOS’s network operating costs will be reduced significantly, c.£2.7m over the contract period.

By taking the time to understand ASOS's requirements, StableLogic identified critical challenges and tailored solutions that aligned with their strategic goals. This comprehensive understanding facilitated the design and strategy of an Internet-focused SDWAN architecture that supported ASOS's growth, improved user experience and cost optimisation needs. The partnership exemplifies how targeted consultancy and in-depth collaboration can drive significant business outcomes, helping ASOS achieve its strategic requirements efficiently and effectively.


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