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Switching brands has never been easier for customers, and they know it. Digital transformation has accelerated the need to create exceptional customer experiences: app stores, social media, and consumer-led channels like Google reviews have all contributed to a direct shift into the hands of the consumer. With 80% of customers prepared to switch brands due to poor customer experience, having a customer experience (CX) strategy for your business is essential to deliver customer loyalty, retention, and growth.
StableLogic are independent Customer Experience Consultants. We provide the expertise and tools to enable your organization to deliver enhanced customer experiences while simultaneously streamlining costs and simplifying processes. With our expertise in crafting CX strategies designed to increase customer lifetime value, we can help you achieve CX success.

Our Methodology

Meeting your business objectives will require a tailored approach. Whether you need full-scope services (like the below), or assistance with a specific part of the process, we are here to help.

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Scope of Our Services

Digital  Strategy

We utilize key optimization techniques & deep-level research to truly understand what your customers care about the most. 

Journey Mapping

Deepen your business understanding of customer needs and ensure you provide exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Channel Orchestration

Aligns the best channels to the right interactions enables successful digital transformation and excellent customer experiences.

CX System Integrations

We have extensive experience in CRM system configuration, implementation, and maintenance across a range of CRM and CX systems.

Business Process Optimization

We unravel your internal processes and re-calibrate them to improve sales, productivity, and quality, all with the goal of developing an optimal customer experience.

Target Operating Model

We work as a team to review and optimize your target operating model (TOM), enabling you to efficiently and accurately deliver your corporate vision.

HR Strategy Development

Is your HR strategy fit for purpose? We can help align it with modern techniques, processes, and tools to optimize your internal strategy and streamline operations.

Performance Optimization

We have over 3 decades of experience working with clients in various industries and countries. We know what works, and how to achieve it in your specific context.

Hear from our clients

Why work with StableLogic?



"They tread this brilliant line between understanding what you're trying to achieve as an organization, but also providing you unbiased advice."

Sam Dart, Product Director


"They are clearly experts in their field and they really got to grips with our business, what we needed to achieve, and really importantly, how we needed to do that."

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer

Our Customer Experience Experts

Euan Welsh

Euan Welsh

Head of Projects

Euan has been managing high-level customer experience programs and projects for 6+ years. He is highly experienced in communications technology with a focus on UCaaS and contact center innovations.

Will Patchett

Will Patchett


Will specializes in unified communications, contact center technology & customer experience, with 8 years in the industry. He has delivered across several major international projects in that time. 

Customer Experience Resources

Free resources to help you assess and improve your customer operations.


Watch now! We sit down with some of our customer experience consultants to hear their advice on the top 5 questions we get asked the most. Click below to ask yours.

contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation


Download our ebook, 'What is Contact Center Best Practice?' Our experts give their idea of best practice in every area of your contact center, from SLAs to procurement and more.

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