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Switching brands has never been easier for customers, and they know it. Digital transformation has accelerated the need to create exceptional customer experiences: app stores, social media, consumer-led channels like Google reviews have all contributed to a direct shift into the hands of the consumer. With 80% of customers prepared to switch brands due to poor customer experience, having a customer experience (CX) strategy for your business is essential to deliver customer loyalty, retention and growth.
StableLogic are independent Customer Experience Consultants. We provide the expertise and tools to enable your organisation to deliver enhanced customer experiences whilst simultaneously streamlining costs and simplifying processes. With our expertise at crafting CX strategies designed to increase the customer lifetime value, we can help you achieve CX success.
what we can do

Scope of Our Services

Digital  Strategy

We utilise key optimisation techniques & deep-level research to truly understand what your customers care about the most. 

Journey Mapping

Deepen your business understanding of customer needs and ensure you provide exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Channel Orchestration

Aligns the best channels to the right interactions enables successful digital transformation and excellent customer experiences.

CX System Integrations

We have extensive experience in CRM system configuration, implementation and maintenance across a range of CRM and CX systems.

Business Process Optimisation

We unravel your internal processes and re-calibrate them to improve sales, productivity, and quality, all with the goal of developing an optimal customer experience.

Target Operating Model

We work as a team to review and optimise your target operating model (TOM), enabling you to efficiently and accurately deliver your corporate vision.

HR Strategy Development

Is your HR strategy fit for purpose? We can help align it with modern techniques, processes and tools to optimise your internal strategy and streamline operations.

Performance Optimisation

We have over 3 decades of experience working with clients in various industries and countries. We know what works, and how to achieve it in your specific context.

What to expect

The Process

1. Requirements
2. Journey Mapping
3. Development
4. Implementation
5. Feedback
Close Open 1. Requirements

Gathering Project Requirements

To begin, we enter into the process of determining your project requirements and what needs to be created to achieve success. We also define the features and functions of the project - this ensures that the scope of work is mutually understood by both parties.

We run workshops with individual teams, as well as your customers, to identify their needs and constraints: what are they looking to change, why, what's failing, and what to improve.

Close Open 2. Journey Mapping

Mapping Customer Journeys

We identify your customer user personas and user journeys to determine how their interactions differ from other customer groups. This helps us develop a service offering that targets your general audience, as well as specific ordinances. 

Close Open 3. Development

Development and Testing

Using insights from the previous two phases, we start developing a solution with your customers in mind, conducting testing with teams and groups of individuals that represent your wider audience.

Results of this testing helps us identify weak points and continuously adapt and improve until the solution is ready to go live. 

Close Open 4. Implementation

Implementation & Managing Change

As your new solution(s) are deployed, we get to work making sure all goes smoothly. We monitor operational changes to ensure that the solution is widely & successfully accepted across your organisation.

We'll also make sure it's delivered at the right pace for you & your customers, and manage change communications so those impacted have the support they need. 

Close Open 5. Feedback

Feedback & Updates

After putting in the effort to finalise and implement your service, it's imperative to have continuous feedback, performance monitoring and adoption.

We will conduct frequent reviews to discuss how the solution is working for your teams and customers. This helps keep your service relevant and also improves customer engagement.

Our Customer Experience Experts

Euan Welsh

Euan Welsh

Head of Projects

Euan has been managing high-level customer experience programmes and projects for 6+ years. He is highly experienced in communications technology with a focus in UCaaS and contact centre technology.

Will Patchett

Will Patchett


Will specialises in unified communications, contact centre technology & customer experience, with 8 years in the industry. He has delivered across several major international projects in that time.