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In your contact centre transformation, we work with your teams to understand the capabilities of your existing contact centre platform. We identify places to improve efficiency through the implementation of digital channels and appropriate channel deflection. If you have digital channels in place, we work with you to design optimal customer journeys or procure a new solution which can deliver across your requirements.
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Scope of Our Services

Cost Benchmarking

Using current market data from the large number of procurements we run each year, we benchmark your costs against the standard in your industry.

Technology Replacement

Our expert team is able to support you in the replacement of legacy systems & software, including managing end-to-end processes of number porting.

Performance Review

We extract performance data from your current contact centre operations and review it's efficiency and productivity to identify areas of improvement.

Customer Journey Review

Collaborating with your teams, we review customer journeys that typically occur in your daily operations, then identify how to increase efficiency.

Cost Saving

Utilising your existing data and knowledge of your teams, we review existing and proposed channels to help drive cost savings across your service.


Once a strategy is defined, we run and manage a competitive procurement to select the best provider & negotiate pricing, keeping you heavily involved.

CX Strategy

Do you have a clear Customer Experience strategy? Our team will work with you to construct a clear and consistent experience for all your customers.

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Our agile team can easily adapt to your requirements, drawing from our years of experience in the contact centre market to deliver for your business.

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Proven Results

Since our inception in 1993, we have served hundreds of clients in a wide range of industries, all with their own unique contact centre needs.
As part of a contact centre transformation, more efficient technology and better systems not only optimise workflow, but save money as well. Here are some examples of clients in particular industries, the size of their contact centre, and how much we were able to save them.
29 %

Financial Services:
1200 agents

24 %

Pharmaceutical: 400 agents

23 %

Insurance Provider:
800 agents

36 %

Housing Provider: 150 agents

From Our Clients

PureGym has boomed in recent years, with rapid expansion in both the UK and internationally. It was essential that their member services could stand up to the prolific growth they were experiencing, and their ambitious future plans. Enter StableLogic.

Listen to CMO Stephen Rowe discuss his experience with the 'Stable' team.

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Our past projects

Case Studies



StableLogic managed the design and implementation of this distributed contact centre which comprises over 500 locations. This complex service covers the provision of after-sales parts with highly skilled service agents.


Companies House

StableLogic undertook a strategic review of this major contact centre serving UK businesses. The strategic review included different operational models, costs and service levels in order to delivery Companies House objectives.

What to expect

The Process

1. Review
2. Benchmarking
3. Strategy
4. Procurement
5. Implementation
6. Monitoring
Close Open 1. Review

Conducting a Review

We begin every contact centre transformation by reviewing all aspects of your contact centre – from the technology to the customer experience and the performance of the team themselves. We focus on key areas of concern.

We help clients to design their future strategy, model the costs and the performance levels, and build the business case.

Close Open 2. Benchmarking
business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop computer and graph financial with social network diagram and three colleagues discussing data in the background


A benchmark is often an excellent starting point to plan for the future. This will help us understand the following key areas:

  • Cost Base – Is it as good as the market generally?
  • Service Options – Are your competitors providing other options?
  • Accessibility – How does your service compare?
  • Service Levels – Market leading or behind?
  • Customer Experience – Are your competitors better or worse?

We help reduce cost whilst increasing the performance of your contact centre.

Close Open 3. Strategy

Developing a Strategy

In the strategy phase, our expert contact centre consultants undertake:

  • Business Requirements – Your business objectives
  • Technology Assessment – Assess current and develop a roadmap
  • Customers – What is the best way to communicate with them?
  • Channel Strategy – Voice, web chat, SMS, email, video etc
  • Management Information – Obtaining the best MI
  • Sourcing Strategy – In-house or outsource?
  • Service Hours – Including “follow the sun” options
  • Cost – Modelling different cost options
  • Service Integration – CRM, Saleforce, Oracle, MS Dynamics etc.

For more information on our approach to strategy, click here.

Close Open 4. Procurement
Salesman shaking hands with client with contract on the coffee table

Procurement & Negotiations

Selecting a new contact centre solution is a major decision that directly impacts the effectiveness of your organisation.  Our objective is not only to advise on a highly functional technology solution but also one that is reliable, cost effective and from a low risk supplier.

We support clients with gathering requirements, creating a specification and the full selection process. We manage contact centre procurements on behalf of clients on a continuous basis, so we understand different products, suppliers and configuration options. This allows us to advise clients on how these work in practice.

We specialise in the procurement of both contact centre technologies and services, including fully outsourced contact centres. For more information on how we run procurements, click here.

Close Open 5. Implementation


Using proven methodologies, we will ensure the successful roll out and adoption of new technologies. Recent projects have included Data Network deployments, SD-WAN deployments, Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS) implementation, Cloud Telephony/ UCaaS (such as Skype for Business) and many more.

Being a business at the forefront of technological advances means that our project managers always remain effective in their role. For more information about our project management division, click here.

Close Open 6. Monitoring

Monitoring Performance

Upon completion of your project, we'll continue to keep and touch and monitor the success of your new strategy. The transition to a newly-designed contact centre can be challenging, so we make sure to assist in any way we can.

We're on call for any problems with new software, equipment or systems you've adopted. If there are any pitfalls, we make sure to patch them up as quickly as possible. 

Our Contact Centre Experts

Will Patchett

Will Patchett


Will specialises in UCaaS and contact centre transformation services. He has been with StableLogic for 8 years, delivering across several major international & highly complex projects in that time.

Tanya Kurt

Tanya Kurt


Tanya has worked in the Contact Centre industry for 6 years. She now specialises in advising on customer experience projects including Contact Centre and Unified Communications transformation projects.