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About Firstcom Europe

Firstcom Europe is a leading telecommunications provider, serving small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe. It primarily operates in four key countries: Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom, where it is experiencing significant growth.

Firstcom differentiated itself at the onset of the move to unified communications, by focusing on a gap in the telecoms market for small businesses. It built an all-encompassing and cost-effective solution – Universe – for SME customers, enabling their day-to-day business operations through a reliable, easy-to-use telecoms platform.


The Problem

As with many companies in a period of rapid growth, the Universe software was under increasing pressure as it continued to accommodate more users. With a need to stay competitive in a fast-changing and competitive industry, Firstcom Europe wanted to introduce new functionality and required increased capacity in their solution.

Firstcom’s top priority was delivering a best-in-class solution to its customers, meaning dependability was the top priority. The software had to be stable, available 24/7 and provide a seamless experience to businesses.

Firstcom Europe knew that alongside providing a great experience, they needed to ensure security protocols were met to give customers peace of mind. Global cyber-security risks have impacted businesses worldwide, especially those involved in technology and telecommunications underlining the need to take action.

“Firstcom Europe is a complex, multinational organisation operating in a rapidly changing technology space. We needed a technology partner who could keep up with us. We selected StableLogic Labs to help us update and transform our platform. StableLogic has completely delivered on the agreed programme within the budget and on time."

Tony Robinson, CCO at Firstcom Europe

The Solution

StableLogic's 30 years of telecommunications expertise caught Firstcom’s eye, and they asked it to review their software. An initial audit of their systems was undertaken to discover areas of improvement.

Based on these findings, Firstcom invited Stablelogic to identify a series of recommendations to transform their systems. Following the acceptance of these suggestions Stablelogic was chosen as a trusted partner to upgrade Universe and implement the findings of the audit. The transformation was two-fold: selecting the right infrastructure and rebuilding parts of the Universe software.

Universe needed to be migrated from an on-premise data centre to a true cloud solution. Stablelogic utilised AWS’s Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP) and brought Universe onto their best-in-class cloud service.

The Universe software was significantly rewritten to modernise the platform with scalability in mind. New features and capabilities were identified and implemented.



Over the course of the project, more than 30 new customer features were introduced to Universe. Reliability has significantly improved, and the solution is far more scalable – adding new features has become much more convenient.

The Universe platform has enabled Firstcom’s continued growth trajectory. The new Universe has a strong foundation where they can continue to build next-generation functionality. Universe also benefits from enhanced security features, essential in a market vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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