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About AlphaTheta

AlphaTheta, owners of renowned brand PioneerDJ, are one of the world’s leading DJ and club equipment providers. They maintain presence not only as manufacturers but in the wider music industry, known by nightclubs and independent artists alike for their premium service. They have been trailblazers since 1994, serving creatives across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Quality is at the heart of AlphaTheta’s brand. All PioneerDJ products are hand-crafted in their Japanese warehouses, allowing them to meticulously oversee every step of the process for optimal quality. They track and monitor every equipment part to authenticate it as their own handiwork.


The Problem

After a period of corporate reorganisation, AlphaTheta saw an opportunity to deliver an even better service to customers by upgrading their systems.

This included both their warranty and replacement parts systems. Customers needed the option to take out a warranty on PioneerDJ equipment, and an easier way to order replacement parts.

AlphaTheta had the choice to either purchase off-the-shelf software or build something custom to met their needs.

"AlphaTheta were seeking a new global solution to their parts and warranty services.  This was an amazing project which now delivers excellent customer service in Asia, Europe and North America.  It was a privilege to work on this project, with key stakeholders in Japan and across the world."

Oscar Zhang, Product Manager

The Solution

Off-the-shelf solutions weren’t going to meet AlphaTheta’s requirements. After considering their customer objectives and brand values, they decided to favour a custom approach and sought a trusted partner to innovate with.

From their headquarters in Japan, they launched a global procurement to find the right supplier. After considering a range of options around the world, they chose StableLogic Labs to build their new warranty and replacement systems.

The project was two-fold: selecting the right infrastructure and building software.

They needed a single application that would provide excellent performance on a global scale, which is not easy to find. We selected Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in hosting services for their reliability and strong reputation.

With an established infrastructure, we wrote a custom application that could support both the warranty and replacement systems. They operate on a global basis, serving customers across the world in different languages and currencies.

The requirements were complex. For the replacement parts system, PioneerDJ customers needed to be able to order parts in their language from anywhere in the world, have it correctly sent to PioneerDJ’s Japanese warehouse, fulfilled and sent to their country, and then delivered by a local carrier.

The replacement parts system included a warehouse management system to streamline manufacturing operations in all their warehouses, as well as global logistics, customs approval processes and regulation compliance so every replacement part would be delivered smoothly.



The results speak for themselves. StableLogic Labs was able to deliver both systems against a very tight deadline. We initially launched in a few key countries, which were so successful that AlphaTheta then rolled it out to several more.

AlphaTheta employees have found the new systems easy to use and much more efficient. The software has consolidated multiple processes because it was built around one unified system, streamlining necessary features in one convenient place.

Customers have expressed positive feedback on the new systems as well. AlphaTheta can closely monitor which equipment parts they manufacture and which are copies, so they can maintain a higher quality service to customers.

As the project concluded, AlphaTheta found their new custom solution delivered more efficiently than an off-the-shelf solution, at a much lower cost.

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