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  • Communicating with customers is more complex than ever.  Businesses can no longer decide on their own how they communicate, customers decide using social media and online collaboration sites.  Apps, social media, digital market and consumer sites such as TripAdvisor all add to the communication complexity.

    The opportunity from effectively taking advance of these different communication opportunities is huge.  Customers can be impressed, excellent customer service delivered and sales increased.

    The risk however is equally large.  Customers communicating about your organisation without your knowledge, customers being ignored, complaints being read by potential customers but not by you.

    StableLogic are a consultancy company that can help you address these challenges and to create an outstanding customer experience.

  • The customer journey is the beginning to end process of a customer interacting with a business.  For a typical business there are multiple touch points with their customer.

    A customer may conduct initial research on Google.  Then perhaps view the web site of the organisation.  Customers open search social media and web sites for reviews, complaints and comments.  They place online orders or telephone the contact centre.  Changes to an order may be made by email or web chat.  Finally, reviews and comments on social media are quite common.

    Trying to effectively manage this entire process, deliver for customers, pre-empt their needs and grow business is quite a challenge.  StableLogic are expert consultants in effectively delivering the communications customer journey.

  • Social Media is a critical part of any modern communication strategy.  Almost every organisation uses social media for marketing purposes.

    But social media isn’t just a marketing opportunity – it’s a critical communication path between you and your customers.  StableLogic encourage organisations to think about social media as just as important communication channel the telephone or email.

    StableLogic are not a marketing consultancy, although we do have marketing skills.  We advise clients on creating effective customer experiences, typical this includes using social media.

  • Apps are a critical part of many organisations customer communication strategy.  An app can just be a marketing tool or it can be an integral and effective part of a customer communication strategy.

    Unlike the start of a simple telephone call, an app can know a lot about the customer – their location, personal details, preferences and past sales history.  With this level of detail, an effective application can transform the customer experience – and customer satisfaction.

    Businesses has often wished they could anticipate their customers’ needs before they do.  Other companies have wanted to proactively support their customers.  With an effective app strategy, it is possible to meet these objectives and have a dramatic impact on business performance.

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