Network monitoring experts Obkio and StableLogic teamed up to deliver a SD-WAN migration at a global scale. The rapid adoption of software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has revolutionised how organisations connect their distributed networks. As businesses strive for improved performance, cost efficiency, and enhanced security, SD-WAN solutions have emerged as a game-changer. However, orchestrating a successful SD-WAN migration at a global scale presents numerous challenges that demand careful planning, meticulous execution, and robust network performance monitoring (NPM) capabilities. 


A Worldwide MPLS to SD-WAN Migration 

StableLogic supported the client, through a large MPLS to SD-WAN transformation, for 500 sites worldwide. The client previously had an multiple regional MPLS networks with an international backbone. The low-speed MPLS access created high latency between Internet gateways and a large-scale migration to cloud services created a performance bottleneck. By migrating to an internet-based SD-WAN network, they anticipated a substantially better performance at less or equal cost. 


The Challenges of Large Transformation Projects

​​As organisations embrace the advantages of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) over traditional Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks, there is a growing need to monitor and assess the migration process. The transition from MPLS to SD-WAN presents a critical challenge for businesses, promising enhanced agility, cost savings, and improved performance. However, to realise these benefits and ensure a successful migration, it becomes important to monitor the transformation closely and validate the KPIs defined in the project business case.

Stablelogic supported the client through a competitive procurement process to select the SD-WAN vendor and implementation partner, which in this case was an SD-WAN and Cloud Security solution and guided the client through the whole process as their trusted advisor. Following the vendor selection the StableLogic continued to work with the client to manage the implementation process and provide assurances in the original strategy.

Stablelogic needed to ensure this migration went as smoothly as possible in the following ways:

  1. Monitoring the Migration: StableLogic needed a way to monitor the migration process to ensure there were no issues during the migration that could risk its success. This also meant monitoring the performance of the client’s previous MPLS network.
  2. Ensuring that the new network delivers on its performance and availability KPIs: The main reason for this migration was to improve network performance - but how can you know that performance has really improved? StableLogic needed a way to measure and compare their customer’s network performance before and after the migration using consistent data, to ensure that there was an improvement in performance.  
  3. Measuring the SD-WAN Promise: SD-WAN promises increased visibility, control, and optimisation of network traffic, and it becomes crucial to monitor these key performance indicators (KPIs) to validate the efficacy of the SD-WAN solution. 

With all these needs in mind, StableLogic and the client engaged the market to find a solution that could fill in the gaps, and that they could leverage to ensure their client could experience the smoothest, most successful SD-WAN migration possible.  

StableLogic identified Obkio while evaluating solutions that could measure the performance of networks,  from end-to-end independent of the existing technology. StableLogic selected Obkio as it offered a simple deployment model and could monitor network transformations agnostic to the underlying technology.

Obkio’s client-based monitoring approach provided the optimal method to validate end-user performance without relying on network metrics provided by network devices, that vary by vendor and do not always align with feedback from end-users.


​​​​​We selected Obkio due to the fact it operated outside traditional network hardware & the simplicity of implementation. We were able to implement the solution quickly and deliver results to the client within days.

Daniel Raanan, StableLogic Lead Consultant 



1. Compare Network Performance Before & After

One of the critical objectives for StableLogic was to validate the performance improvements promised by the SD-WAN deployment. By deploying the Network Performance Monitoring agents both in the previous MPLS network and the new SD-WAN network, StableLogic was able to directly compare the performance metrics between the two environments.

This enabled them to quantitatively assess and demonstrate the performance improvements achieved through the migration, providing the client with clear evidence of the benefits realised.

Untitled design-1

StableLogic Power BI Dashboard showing the performance changes globally using Obkio Data 


2. Key Client Results

The project has been a significant success. The availability of precise performance data, which was lacking from both the SD-WAN vendor and the native monitoring features, provided the clients stakeholders that they have objectively received the expected value from such a transformative project. 

  • Bandwidth Improvement: 56% - 400% improvement in Bandwidth (Based on site or region) 
  • Latency reduction: On average a slight reduction in latency (15-20ms) 
  • Packet Loss Reduction: 94% reduction in packet loss
  • Mean Opinion Score Improvement: From 3.6 (Good) - 4.1 (Excellent) Improvement in (MOS Score is a standard methodology for measuring network performance for VoIP) 
  • Fewer Network Errors: 30% reduction in network-related errors 
  • Annual Total Outage: Reduced from 7 days per year to 1.5 days per year 


Gain Independent Technology Advice From StableLogic

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