We need another marketing executive’s opinion on AI like a fish needs a bicycle. Everyone knows it’s going to transform society, and that change is well underway. What then, could I have to tell you? Is The Terminator in fact going to happen? Perhaps it’s time to count your tins of tomatoes and hunker down: the end is nigh.

I was recently at How The Light Gets In, a speaking and ideas festival, where several talks considered what the far future of AI looks like. The phrase ‘the blind leading the blind’ cropped up a few times even among experts, which humorously pointed towards this looming feeling of uncertainty.

But allowing cloudy visions of a cosmic wasteland to stop you from taking advantage of the real and beneficial AI solutions available today is a grave error. AI is making huge headway, with this Statistica/McKinsey survey showing the concrete cost-savings made by businesses in 2022 through AI solutions.

These savings aren’t theoretical, or apocalyptic – they’re the future becoming the present. The companies adopting AI are already getting ahead of their competitors. But with so much AI noise around, how do you know where to start?

StableLogic’s AI Readiness Audit

This is where StableLogic can help. As an independent, unbiased technology consultancy, we can draw upon our expertise to offer clear and concise advice on AI adoption. In our AI Readiness Audit we get to know your business and infrastructure, advise on whether there is potential for leveraging AI to your benefit, and prepare you for transformation.

A Flexible Approach

We understand businesses may be at different stages along the journey. For this reason, we offer flexibility in how we provide our service. Perhaps you already know there are AI solutions you should be using, but you’re not sure which ones to pick or how to implement them. Or maybe you’re at the very start, unsure about where in your organisation changes could be made. Wherever you stand, we are adaptable to your needs.

Stage One: Discovery

Our Impact Assessment is the first step towards adopting AI to revolutionise your operations. After gaining an understanding of your structure, we first identify the top three areas for AI projects tailor-made for your organisation. We then outline a business case for each project, detailing the potential benefits that each solution could provide. With this in place, we engage in comprehensive AI workshops to lay out the make-up of these projects. The final outcome of this stage is a proof of concept, laying the foundation for an AI integration.

Stage Two: Strategy

Our strategy transforms this proof of concept into a concrete roadmap. Similarly, if you are already aware of the areas ready for an AI integration, we assist in formulating a strategy to leverage it effectively, focusing on service transformation, cost reduction, and productivity enhancement. This service encompasses AI workshops, meticulous planning, and the development of a robust business case and strategy that defines the business impact priorities that you want your AI integration to achieve. AI can do many things, but if it’s not delivering on the changes you want to see, then it’s not working for you.

Stage Three: Implementation

Embarking on an AI journey involves navigating through numerous AI services, each with distinct advantages and limitations. Our Implementation stage provides guidance on selecting the right AI products and answers questions around taking them on. We can provide answers to concerns around things like GDPR compliance, navigating other regulatory measures and managing brand representation. We facilitate AI solution procurement and offer project management support, ensuring a smooth implementation aligned with best practices.

StableLogic Labs: Building Conversational AI Solutions

While our Readiness Audit provides a comprehensive consultancy service regarding AI, over in StableLogic Labs, our team specialises in crafting bespoke Conversational AI solutions.

The realm of Conversational AI has evolved significantly, presenting immense potential but also complexities. Implementing this technology within your organisation demands attention to factors such as auditing, security and data management. Our services encompass service design, solution building, seamless integration with applications and customer services, and ongoing data management.

StableLogic Labs excels in bridging this gap by not only designing and building these solutions but also ensuring seamless integration with your existing applications and data systems. Moreover, our commitment to ongoing data management ensures that your Conversational AI remains adaptive and responsive to evolving customer needs and preferences.

Start Leveraging AI Today

While the potential of AI is immense, its successful integration and utilisation demand a strategic approach coupled with specialised expertise. StableLogic's comprehensive suite of AI services is tailored to guide organisations through every stage of their AI journey, from strategy development to seamless implementation and ongoing support. Our aim is to empower businesses to not only embrace AI but to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

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