As the spread of coronavirus forces many countries to restrict the movement of its citizens, it is becoming more critical that organisations consider a remote working strategy. Many are implementing tactical remote working solutions in order to provide IT services to quarantined and isolated employees.

While tactical solutions will work in the short term to deal with the current outbreak, further efficiencies can be made. These efforts could help an organisation to cut costs, improve employee satisfaction and create a more agile business environment.
Consequently, organisations should re-imagine their future methods of operating and develop a new long-term strategy for agile working.

This can create many benefits including:

• Cost Saving – Enabling more employees to work from home provides savings on office space and travel costs.
• Improved Productivity – Many studies have shown that open office environments do not provide the optimal environment for focussing on a task. Remote workers can better control their environment and interactions to focus better.
• Disaster Recovery – Having an effective remote working strategy in place, will prevent organisations from having to rush to implement tactical solutions when dealing with any form of disaster, whether its an office that is not accessible or a global pandemic.
• Improved Employee Satisfaction – Many people are more comfortable working in their private space and also reduce time spent travelling to and from the office.
• Workforce Accessibility – A remote working strategy will also create opportunities to hire staff in locations outside of the office radius, allowing organisations to hire in less competitive locations.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has spurred organisations to reconsider its policies and technologies for agile working in a reactionary way. Organisations should now consider how to be prepared in the future.

Do you need help developing a remote working strategy for your business?
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