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Our goal is for you to meet your strategic targets with less risk and more financial stability, as quickly as possible. We are a highly skilled team of professionals that integrate into your organisation and run projects the way you want. Utilise our project managers to own, manage and deliver your IT project as an extension of your team.
what we can do

Scope of Our Services

Project Audit & Optimisation

We review and assess your current work practices, providing guidance and optimisation to increase your efficiency and reduce risks.

Project Recovery

Get a challenging project back on track with dedicated support from our expert team, from project analysts up to programme managers.

Project Support

We can support your current project with resource & technical project consultancy, as well as documentation, for a smoother process.

Set Up & Transformation

We train, support and manage new project managers to come and run your new and expanding projects and programmes for optimal success.

Digital Transformation

Benefit from experienced and knowledgeable full lifecycle management throughout your digital transformation to implement a new service.

Lifecycle Project Management

Receive full project & programme management from concept to development, execution, handover and continual monitoring and improvements.

Change Implementation

See the impacts of real change delivered from a project or technical perspective with in-house network, telecom and technology experts.

Project Management

If you have a project, we can help. We cater to a broad range of project needs and requirements, just get in touch to tell us more.

What to expect

The Process

1. Methodology
2. Resourcing
3. Scope & Plan
4. Reporting
5. Budget & Risks
6. Communication
Close Open 1. Methodology

Project Management Frameworks & Methodologies

We start every project by establishing the methodology we want to follow. Our expert team has a multitude of experience across both waterfall and agile methodologies, and we're happy to tailor our approach to suit your specific requirements. We are flexible and knowledgable with a desire to bring real change and benefit to your organisation.
See our Governance page for more details.
Close Open 2. Resourcing
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Resource Management

Once a methodology has been chosen, we begin taking stock of our project resources - do you have an in-house project team, or will we be acting as such?

We are happy to work as an extension of your team, offering assistance, guidance and extra manpower for increased bandwidth. We can also integrate into your existing culture and function as your project team from the inside, delivering completely within scope.

Close Open 3. Scope & Plan

Project Scoping & Planning

With our approach and resourcing finalised, we can begin understanding the project scope. For example, if you've purchased a solution and don't know where to start with implementing it, our experienced project managers will get to work forming a plan to implement and maintain this new solution in your organisation.
We have worked with a wide range of project requirements, from complete digital transformations to software and app development, and everywhere in between.
Close Open 4. Reporting

Reporting & Documentation

As your project progresses, one of our main priorities is that all project members and stakeholders are kept in the loop, engaged, and able to influence the direction of the project. We achieve this through consistent and thorough documentation.
This allows for full transparency and accountability, as well as making sure all levels get the information they need, when they need it.
Close Open 5. Budget & Risks

Risk, Issue & Budget Management

Our years of experience running technology-based projects has taught our project managers to expect the unexpected. We manage all risks and issues on a daily basis, ensuring the right people are involved and informed at the right time.
It also ensures accountability; that we are staying within budget, within scope and in accordance with the statement of work. This keeps your project on-track and optimises the delivery for better results.
Close Open 6. Communication

Communication Transparency

Communication is key. From our reporting and documentation through to daily stand-ups and steer co meetings, our project managers excel in transparent and honest communication.
We are available at any time to offer support and communicate project details. We are flexible, yet grounded in reality, which helps us run a project through to the end and reach a successful handover.
our it project portfolio

Technical Expertise


Contact Centre Transformation

With hundreds of agents and a variety of equipment that needs to perform properly, contact centres can be an overwhelming task to improve. Partner with us for your next contact centre project and we'll lead the way.

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Digital Transformation

Looking to gain a competitive advantage in your industry? With us, you can leverage the best technology for your operation without any of the handiwork or stress. Let us lead your digital transformation from start to finish. 

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Network Modernisation

Outdated network systems can burden even the largest industry leaders. Step into the future of your business with a modern network strategy and implementation completely managed by our expert team of project managers.

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Customer Experience

Benefit from a third party audit of your customer operations and identify the hurdles and pitfalls that stop you from maximising revenue. Our team of project experts will lead the implementation of smooth, optimised customer journies.

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Our PMO Experts

Euan Welsh

Euan Welsh

Head of Projects

Euan has been managing high-level programmes and projects for over six years. He is highly experienced in communications technology with a focus in UCaaS solutions, global networks and contact centre technology.

Sujata Shrestha

Sujata Shrestha

Project Manager

Sujata is highly experienced in managing and implementing IT projects. She is a committed team player with an impressive range of technical expertise. She believes collaboration is key to achieving client objectives.