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Reap the benefits from a modern digital strategy, made real through expert project management, careful implementation and clear communication. We manage the full Digital Transformation project lifecycle, from terminating the old to implementing the new.
Our team of experienced project managers and analysts will guide all your organisational changes with minimal disruption to business operations. We deliver real performance transformation and financial optimisation that enable your business to reach new heights. 
what we can do

Scope of Our Services

Supplier/3rd Party Management

We work closely with suppliers and 3rd parties to ensure a seamless transition while monitoring performance and deliverables throughout.

Contract Management

We manage contract creation and execution to maximise operational and financial performance, whilst also closing contracts with incumbents.

Delivery & Change Optimisation

We manage delivery and implementation of all new services, terminate the incumbent and optimise the process to manage scope effectively.

Scope Management

Identifying, defining and controlling the outputs, outcomes and benefits to ensure the transformation aligns with client expectations.

Budget Management

We set a target budget, then manage and track spending to stay in scope. All internal & external programme costs are shared transparently.

Methodology & Governance

We drive projects forward with authority & accountability. Our foolproof, adaptable framework has been refined over hundreds of projects.

Risk & Issue Management

Reduce project risks by identifying them, closely monitoring performance and escalating issues. We are experienced, agile problem solvers.

Communication Transparency 

Keep all parties informed & invested with honest communication about deliverables & risks, regular reporting and implementing feedback.

Our past projects

Case Studies



The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a national certification card to improve the safety of UK construction. StableLogic designed and managed a complete digital transformation of CSCS including a new contact centre, new processes and a completely new system, including a mobile app.



This dynamic financial services company required a high performance network in 26 countries. StableLogic developed a strategy and implemented a new LAN/Wi-Fi infrastructure and WAN across all sites. The project resulted in streamlined management and improved performance.

What to expect

The Process

1. Requirements
2. Budget & Risks
3. Implementation
4. Monitoring
5. Reporting
6. Handover
Close Open 1. Requirements

Requirements Gathering & Project Scoping

We start every Digital Transformation project by understanding your needs, establishing your requirements and defining the scope of your project. Through this, we will gain an understanding of the technical and commercial challenges present when implementing change in your organisation. 

This is crucial to delivering a successful project. As we progress through your project implementation, we will document and track these challenges against your requirements in the statement of work (SOW) we have agreed upon. 

Close Open 2. Budget & Risks

Budget, Issue & Risk Management

We prioritise facts-based decision making, and that only happens through honest communication.

After your budget has been defined, we keep close track of spending and ensure the project stays in scope. We add another level of accountability through open and honest reporting, so all parties are aware of all spending actions.

Alongside budget scoping, we will aid decision making by escalating risks and issues that may arise. All these practices allow us to make clear and confident decisions that optimise the project and reduce risk.

Close Open 3. Implementation

Implementation Planning

Now it's time to implement. There are obvious challenges in this phase, not least of which is that your organisation must keep operating as usual while changes are executed. With 30 years of experience in project implementation, we know how to ease the transition and deliver quickly. 

We will define expectations first - understand the work to do and who is involved - then our project team will manage the transformation with minimal disruption to business as usual. 

Close Open 4. Monitoring

Delivery Monitoring & Feedback

In any Digital Transformation, especially large projects with multiple sites and services being transformed, continuously monitor performance and progress is essential. 

We prioritise feedback, and designate ample time to assess each transformation's progress. This allows us to see continuous improvement in each aspect of the project, as well as save time and money.

Close Open 5. Reporting

Reporting & Communication

Our analysts are experts in data collation and presentation, creating precise and powerful reports that enable clear communication as well as drive projects forward.

Our emphasis on data and communication enable us to keep all vested parties informed throughout the project lifecycle and particularly in crucial stages of implementation. 

Close Open 6. Handover

Project Closure & Handover

Finally, we will formally close the project and give you a fully documented report of the project. We will hand everything over to your internal technical teams and all relevant parties to finalise the project completion.

This makes for a seamless transition from running an active project to business as usual. 

Our Digital Transformation Experts

Euan Welsh

Euan Welsh

Head of Projects

Digital transformation is one of Euan's specialties. He possesses extensive knowledge in network transformations, UCaaS solutions, methodology adoption and process optimisation.

Oscar Zhang

Oscar Zhang


Oscar has been working in digital transformation for over 4 years. From an engineering background, his experience covers software development, cloud migrations and networks.