Considering moving to the cloud but not sure how and what the business case would be?

StableLogic's Cloud Readiness Assessment service is an objective review of the cloud options, costs, savings and the best approach.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure, applications, and processes to determine the suitability and potential benefits of transitioning to cloud-based solutions. During our cloud computing readiness assessment service, our expert team identifies any gaps or challenges that may impact the migration and offers strategic recommendations to ensure a smooth and successful cloud journey. By leveraging our extensive experience and industry best practices, StableLogic ensures your organisation is well-equipped to harness the full potential of cloud technologies.

Client Results

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CSCS (2)



Mitigating risks at the forefront of digital transformation with CSCS




The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) validate the training and qualifications of over £1m construction workers.

StableLogic commenced this complex digital transformation project with a Cloud Readiness Assessment. This approach ensured a trouble-free migration without any unexpected cloud issues.

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Laying strong foundations for industry-leading customer care with Computacenter



As part of a larger customer service project, StableLogic completed a Cloud Readiness Assessment for Computacenter.

The resulting positive business case led to a successful cloud migration of customer contact services.

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tv & media

Equipping and enabling operational success with Freeview



Freeview is the UK digital broadcast TV service, providing free-to-air TV services from organisations such as the BBC and ITV.

StableLogic completed a Cloud Readiness Assessment as part of our overall recommendations, resulting in a highly successful project.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment comprises

two core modules:

1. StableLogic Readiness Assessment

StableLogic have over 30 years of experience as technology consultants, working with a diverse range of clients of all sizes. We are very familiar with the challenges of implementing IT changes, and the importance of being realistic.
We have implemented hundreds of technology migrations, and they never go quite as planned. But our experience gives us practical knowledge of how things work in the real world.
Our consultants will work with your stakeholders to complete the assessment. After we complete the process, we present our written findings.
1. Analysing the Business Case
This step involves evaluating whether moving to the cloud aligns with the organisation’s overall objectives and strategy. It assesses the potential benefits, such as cost savings, scalability, and agility, against the risks and challenges. By examining the current state and future goals, this analysis helps determine if cloud adoption will provide a significant return on investment (ROI) for the business.
2. Reviewing Licenses and License Costs
This involves a thorough review of existing software licenses and their associated costs to understand how they will translate to the cloud environment. It helps identify any potential cost savings from moving to cloud-based licensing models and ensures compliance with licensing agreements during and after migration.
3. Identifying Workloads and Performance Requirements
This step focuses on cataloguing all current workloads and understanding their performance requirements. It involves assessing the resource needs, interdependencies, and criticality of each workload to determine the best cloud hosting solutions. This ensures that the cloud infrastructure can meet or exceed current performance levels while providing scalability for future growth​.
4. Compiling a Migration Plan
The final step is developing a detailed migration plan that outlines the process for moving applications and data to the cloud. This plan includes timelines, resource allocation, risk mitigation strategies, and post-migration validation steps to ensure a smooth transition. It also addresses potential downtime, data integrity, and how to maintain business continuity throughout the migration, rounding off the cloud readiness assessment service and allowing you to move to the next phase of implementation.
1. Business Perspective
- The Business perspective ensures that cloud investments align with digital transformation goals and business outcomes. Key stakeholders include the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, and CTO.
- It emphasises scaling pilots and realising sustained business benefits from cloud investments.
2. People Perspective
- Bridging technology and business, the People perspective accelerates the cloud journey. It fosters a culture of continuous growth, learning, and adaptability.
- Stakeholders include the CIO, COO, CTO, cloud directors, and cross-functional leaders.
3. Governance Perspective
- The Governance perspective orchestrates cloud initiatives while minimizing risks. It ensures organizational benefits are maximized.
- Stakeholders include the chief transformation officer, CIO, CTO, CFO, CDO, and CRO.
4. Platform Perspective
- Focused on building an enterprise-grade, scalable hybrid cloud platform, this perspective modernizes existing workloads and implements cloud-native solutions.
- Stakeholders include technology leaders, architects, and engineers.
5. Security Perspective
- The Security perspective ensures data confidentiality, integrity, and availability across cloud workloads.
+S5 - Stakeholders include the CISO, CCO, internal audit leaders, and security architects.
6. Operations Perspective
- This perspective addresses operational excellence, monitoring, and cost management.
- Stakeholders include operations teams, DevOps engineers, and cloud administrators.

2. AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

We use the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework as a best practice guide to Cloud Readiness Assessments. The AWS framework empowers organisations to strategically embrace cloud technologies. It includes all the perspectives to the right.
AWS CAF provides a structured approach, leveraging best practices, to guide successful cloud adoption from cloud computing readiness assessment services.

"Moving to the cloud is a requirement for clients looking to take advantage of AI and many other cloud based functions. A realistic plan, budget and business case is the critical starting point - and we can deliver that."

Craig Robinson

CEO, StableLogic

The Cloud Adoption Landscape

Using our cloud adoption readiness tool, we survey your current IT infrastructure, applications, and workloads, along with analysing business objectives, licensing agreements, performance requirements, and potential risks and benefits of cloud adoption​.
cloud computing readiness assessment services

What will you gain from the assessment?




Enable accurate budgeting and cost savings by identifying unnecessary resources.




Ensure security, compliance, and effective disaster recovery plans, minimising risks.




Determine scalability and improve efficiency by selecting optimal cloud services and configurations.




Provide a detailed migration roadmap and ensure the cloud strategy aligns with business goals.

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Per Heideby
Per Heideby

Head of StableLogic Labs


Faiz Rasool
Faiz Rasool

Head of StableLogic Labs


Anas Aslam
Anas Aslam

Cloud Engineer

Hans Pedersen
Hans Pedersen

DevOps Engineer

⸻  FAQs 

What is the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework?

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) is a comprehensive guide designed to help organisations successfully transition to the AWS cloud. It provides a structured approach to cloud adoption, focusing on six key perspectives: Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security, and Operations.

Each perspective addresses different aspects of cloud readiness and implementation, ensuring that all critical areas are considered and aligned with the organisation’s goals. By leveraging the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, organisations can develop a clear and effective cloud strategy, optimise their cloud environments, and achieve sustainable success in their cloud initiatives. At StableLogic, we utilise the AWS CAF to guide our clients through every step of their cloud journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud from effective cloud computing readiness assessment services.

What is a Cloud Readiness Assessment service?

Our cloud computing readiness assessment service offers a thorough evaluation designed to determine an organisation's preparedness for transitioning to cloud-based solutions. At StableLogic, we conduct a detailed analysis of your current IT infrastructure, applications, and processes to identify the suitability and potential benefits of cloud adoption.

This assessment highlights any gaps or challenges that may impact the migration and provides strategic recommendations to address these issues. By understanding your organisation's specific needs and objectives, we ensure that you are well-equipped to make informed decisions and achieve a seamless and successful move to the cloud.

How much does a Cloud Readiness Assessment service cost?

The cost of cloud computing readiness assessment services varies based on the complexity and scope of your organisation's IT infrastructure and specific requirements. At StableLogic, we offer tailored assessments to meet the unique needs of each client. Our pricing is transparent and determined following a thorough evaluation of your current systems and objectives. 

We provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, deliverables, and associated costs, ensuring you understand the investment required. By leveraging our expertise, we deliver cost-effective cloud readiness assessment services that provide valuable insights and strategic recommendations for a smooth transition to the cloud.