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We adhere to industry standards when running a procurement. We finalise an approach during the strategy phase, and with a good understanding of your requirements and objectives, we start compiling an RFP and agree on supplier criteria. With a supplier long list in tow, we begin warming up suppliers and giving them an introduction to your project. Q&As, workshops, and meetings follow, giving us the information we need to short list a few options. Once we've completed a rigorous and thorough evaluation process, we come to the best choice for your project. You have the final say, then we proceed with your chosen supplier.
We are well-versed in procurement procedures in a wide variety of industries, having completed successful projects for a diverse catalog of clients. StableLogic was awarded the G-Cloud 13 certification which allows us to continue a long history of working with clients in the public sector as well. We are experts in running compliant procurements in the public sector.
What to expect

The Process

1. RFP & Criteria
2. Supplier Selection
3. Issue RFP
4. Evaluation
5. Interviews
6. Awarding Contract
Close Open 1. RFP & Criteria

Compile RFP & Evaluation Criteria

During the strategy phase, we spend ample time getting to know your organisation and discovering your requirements, then creating a strategy to achieve your business objectives. That information lays the foundation for the next phase of a project: running a procurement.
With an in-depth knowledge of the industry, we will already have some ideas for suppliers that could provide solutions that meet your needs. We will begin developing a Request for Proposal (RFP) or tender, and a long list of suppliers to send to.
Close Open 2. Supplier Selection

Supplier Warm Up & Shortlisting

Our value of integrity is essential in the procurement phase, not only for our clients but also with suppliers. We don't contact suppliers unless we think they have a chance of winning. We have such a reputation that some suppliers will only bid on a project because they know we're involved. This gives you, our client, the best chance of finding the right supplier for your project.
To give each supplier the best chance to engage, we'll 'warm them up' through Q&A sessions and workshops with you. This gives each supplier a detailed understanding of your project and needs, and also helps them evaluate if they can meet your expectations before even receiving an RFP. From this, we can whittle down the options and finalise a short list of potential suppliers.
Close Open 3. Issue RFP
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Supplier Q&A and Issuing RFP

Each shortlisted supplier will receive the RFP (or tender), then begin combing its contents. There will be various correspondence about specific queries and clarifications, so each supplier knows exactly what is expected of them.
We manage this process completely from beginning to end, saving you hassle and time. We report directly to your internal procurement team throughout the process, running the procurement together to maintain compliance with your internal procedures. These practices help keep you heavily involved in the procurement without the grunt work.
Close Open 4. Evaluation

Supplier Evaluation

Following a thorough Q&A, every shortlisted supplier will submit a bid based on your project requirements. Once we've received these, we begin scoring each supplier against rigiorous criteria. We follow industry-standard methods of procurement, including specialised guidelines for public sector clients.
Each supplier is scored based on cost, capabilities, culture fit, and more. As a team, we review each supplier's score and identify a winner. Scoring is completely objective in line with best procurement practice.
Close Open 5. Interviews

Final Choice Interviews

Scoring will narrow down options to (typically) about two suppliers, one of which that's likely to be the scored winner. They are invited to an interview where we can discuss their proposal in even more depth.
We will address potential concerns as well as how to proceed with the project if they are chosen. We expect suppliers to have an idea of the project's future and their role in it. Thorough discussions about their bid give us the assurance we need to make a final decision.
Close Open 6. Awarding Contract

Awarding Contract & Negotiations

We pick the best choice from the last remaining suppliers and make our formal recommendation. That supplier is awarded the project and we move into contracting and negotiations.
With a solution formally chosen, we can begin thinking about next phases of your project. You may need help executing your strategy - in that case, we could involve our project management team to lead the implementation and support of your strategy.
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Proven Results

We have a long track record of delivering proven savings, during an initial procurement, at contract renewal and mid-term. For confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose the client or supplier names, but we would be happy to speak more in-depth about them with you.
Our comprehensive database of technology costs allow us to accurately benchmark and model the expected savings.
54 %

saved in Microsoft Services for a Global Retailer

69 %

saved by a Network Contract for a Medical Company

27 %

saved by IT Outsource Services for a Global Retailer

We run procurements for...

Project Expertise

Contact Centre Transformation

Contact centre procurements could involve for several things: a new UCaaS solution, CRM, and more. They can be highly technical and complicated. Let us handle your contact centre transformation and reap the benefits of a modern customer-centric operation model.

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Digital Transformation

A digital transformation can completely overhaul your business operations, giving it immense potential to increase revenue, productivity, and success, but can be disruptive in your day-to-day duties. Let us run your project with care, minimising risk and disruption.

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Network Modernisation

A modern network strategy is the key to optimising your business. It allows you to connect faster, collaborate better, and deliver work in half the time as a slower network solution might let you. We are experts in a range of network technologies and can help you achieve success.

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Our past projects

Case Studies


Schindler Elevators

Schindler Elevator provide safety critical support to customers in elevators 24 hours a day. StableLogic redesigned, procured and managed the implementation of an entirely new technology to reduce cost and improve service levels.


ST Engineering

ST Engineering required a new global network across all locations. We delivered a global strategy, procurement and implementation project for an SD-WAN solution. Project resulted in reduced costs and enhanced network resilience.

Our Procurement Experts

Joel Barnett

Joel Barnett


Joel is motivated by seeing his clients succeed. With a strong knowledge of suppliers in the industry, he is highly experienced in running specialised procurements with integrity and impartiality at the centre.

Marios Michael

Marios Michael

Head of Consultancy

Marios is a highly skilled Lead Consultant with a wealth of IT knowledge and experience acquired from complex and innovative projects. He has managed unbiased procurements for network, data and voice technologies.