Our Pricing


Our charges vary based on the skills required for your project. Every so often, highly complex requirements like security, may incur higher rates.

Our typical rates are as follows:

Project Sponsor

£1,395 per day

Project Manager

£995 per day

Lead Consultant

£1,195 per day

Senior Analyst

£950 per day

Programme Manager

£1,195 per day


£650 per day


£995 per day

*These costs exclude VAT. We also offer our rates in different currencies including Euros and US dollars.

Pricing Methodology

Potentials clients often wonder how much we charge for projects. We prioritise integrity in all of our operations and we are happy to be transparent about our charging structure.


Essentially, we charge for our time. We calculate costs based on:

  1. The range of skills and experience required
  2. The amount of time required to deliver the assignment
  3. The size of the project
  4. Sufficient time to ensure we peer review and quality assure our deliverables

Whilst there are exceptions, we focus on larger projects, and our minimum project value is £5,000 plus VAT.

We do, of course, offer discounts for larger projects and public service clients.