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Independent Technology Consultancy

We help businesses design, procure and optimise technology in order to meet their business objectives

What StableLogic Does

We support clients in three areas: i) The design and procurement of technologies, ii) Benefit from customer experience and collaboration approaches, iii) Reduce cost and deliver operational efficiency

StableLogic is a truly independent telecoms consultancy company. We pride ourselves on being able to offer completely impartial advice and support to our clients.

Providing services to both UK and multinational clients, StableLogic has an impressive track record of delivering effective solutions to clients.  By offering a comprehensive range of professional, technical and business communications advice and support, StableLogic is able to cater for a broad range of telecoms requirements.


StableLogic are totally impartial and we conform to a strict code of ethics.  StableLogic do not accept payments, commissions or other inducements from any telecoms supplier – our sole source of income is from our clients.
We are therefore able to provide truly independent telecoms consultancy services, which meet our clients needs.

StableLogic Clients

StableLogic work for a diverse range of clients across multiple verticals in the UK and across the world.

Our clients are national and multinational companies and include sectors such as professional services, manufacturing and retail.  Their objectives range from cost reduction to the implementation and optimisation of new technology.


Similar to other professional advisors, for the majority of projects we charge on a daily rate basis.  During our initial discussions we would calculate the number of days required, agree a daily rate and that would be the amount charged.

For some cost saving projects, we offer to work on a “contingency” basis, whereby we are paid a percentage of the saving achieved as a result of the project.

Professional Services

  • 20+ years experience
  • Global consultants
  • 70+ consultants across the world
  • Bluechip clients
  • Strict code of ethics
  • Completely independent

StableLogic was established in 1993 with the aim of providing truly independent and professional consultancy services. The directors had previously worked for major corporate organisations and were very aware of large consultancy companies providing relatively little value for high cost. Our role was to break the mould.

Our name in 1993 was BBW Consultants Ltd.  As the company grew and become more international, we rebranded in 2016 to StableLogic.

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