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Our approach to projects has been tried and tested hundreds of times. We prioritize feedback & improvement, and so our methods of project delivery are constantly strengthened.

We drive projects forward with this in mind, exercising authority and accountability over both the technical and financial elements of a project. This allows us to define and control project outputs, leading to less risk, fewer blockers, and more efficient delivery. Our main priority is for clients to benefit from our involvement in a project and reap the rewards in every way. 

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Scope of Our Services

Process Review & Optimization

We recommend best working practices based on your current operations. We can fit into your existing methodology or suggest one best suited to you.


We work closely with internal & external teammates to align your project to a strategic goal, then document all objectives, constraints & outcomes.

Monitoring & Controlling

Detailed monitoring of a project's performance is the key to its success, optimized by weekly reports, SteerCo meetings, PowerBI dashboards & more.

Stakeholder Management

We aptly identify, analyze, communicate and manage the expectations of stakeholders across all project areas. We ensure all are engaged as they require.

Transparency & Communication

Communication is key, knowledge is power. Skills and expertise are shared across your teams and ours to deliver change in the best way possible.

Project Closure & Handover

Upon completion, we review our project to identify lessons learned, project achievements, targets reached, and finalize the project handover to you.


Our expert team is highly adaptable, working under any methodology you use, recommending best practice for your specific project, or coaching you on how to adopt a framework across business operations. 

Client-Tailored Approach
Client Methodology Optimization
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Waterfall Methodologies

Waterfall is defined by delivering a clear sequence of executable tasks, separated into project phases. This optimizes control, transparency, and risk management throughout the project lifecycle.
Utilizing APM's (The Association for Project Management) best practices, allows our project and program managers to apply the correct processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience required to meet your project objectives and acceptance criteria.
For many clients, PRINCE2 is the preferred method for managing and delivering a project within their organization. Following this process-based method allows for a common and consistent approach to be followed allowing for controlled and transparent project management. 
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Agile Methodologies

Agile methodologies allow the business and customers to realize the benefits of the project throughout the lifecycle rather than in one big bang, through iterative development and continuous improvement.
Scrum is a well-known Agile methodology, defined by its structure of sprints completed using a collaborative, team-oriented approach. Our project experts are able to become part of your agile team acting as Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Developer to deliver and support the project activities. 
Kanban, a visual-based Agile framework, aimed at balancing project demands with the available capacity utilizing real-time communication and transparency throughout the project team. Experienced in a multitude of platforms our project managers are positioned to advise and manage clients' projects.
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Using Hybrid Methodologies

One strict framework won't work for all projects, and you may need more flexibility and control over how your project is run. A hybrid approach helps you understand the constraints of a project and gives you more flexibility and control. Utilizing aspects of different methodologies can optimize your project management framework and offer a methodology customized to your business needs. 
Hybrid methodologies often take parts of agile and waterfall, utilizing sprints and project phases in unique ways tailored to a specific project. The diagram on the right is an example of this.
Our team is skilled in a wide range of methodologies, with decades of experience running projects in a variety of frameworks, including hybrid ones. We can easily adapt to your favored hybrid approach or suggest one that can operate in line with your business operations.
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Tailored to you

Our experience allows us to tailor our framework, methodology, and best working practice to your specific needs. This ensures that your project is delivered efficiently and within scope. 

After you contact us with your requirements, we will work together to find an approach uniquely suited to your project.

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Optimize your methodology

Sometimes your project may require a few simple changes for optimal success. Our team can access your current framework, methodology, governance, and documentation, then discuss how to best optimize performance and deliver your project to scope.
This often results in reduced operational costs, project risks, and management overheads. We are experienced in implementing new workforce management models, new frameworks, and new processes that transform business productivity and output.
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Our Experts in Governance

Euan Welsh

Euan Welsh

Head of Projects

Governance and methodology adoption are two of Euan's areas of expertise. He has an in-depth understanding of process optimization, UCaaS solutions, budget & risk management and optimization, and network changes. 

Sujata Shrestha

Sujata Shrestha

Project Manager

Sujata has 3+ years of experience in IT project management with various levels of complexity. She is a dedicated collaborator who truly believes that the key to project success is teamwork and clear communication.