Happy New Year from us at StableLogic! As the Christmas decorations are packed away and the moldy items are cleared from the office fridge, perhaps it’s a good time to consider what New Year’s resolutions you might take to ensure greater success for your business in 2024. We have 5 suggestions for how you can start the year off on the right foot. 

1. Create a delivery plan for your key business objectives

When thinking about things like annual OKRs, every leader knows how quickly a year can go by. Before we know it, we’ll be enjoying the summer and then shortly after, Christmas will be upon us again. The goals set for 2024 might suddenly feel like a pipe dream without a clearly defined plan to which you can maintain course. Ensuring you have this strategy in place at the beginning of the year will allow you to maximize your business's capabilities in meeting its goals. StableLogic offers expert consultancy to craft and implement this plan swiftly. 

We deeply analyze your operations, scrutinizing spending patterns and infrastructure, and understanding your current state. This forms the basis for defining clear objectives and pathways toward achieving them. 

Employing a meticulous iterative model, we evaluate options against stringent criteria, culminating in the most suitable choice. This guides the construction of a comprehensive business case, quantifying investments and anticipated benefits for effective communication. 

Our recommended strategy, backed by unanimous stakeholder approval, leads to subsequent project phases, including procurement and implementation overseen by our skilled project managers.  

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2. Launch your first AI tool in Q1 2024

The adoption of AI is well underway, where 15% of all businesses have adopted at least one AI technology, which translates to 432,000 companies, according to the UK government. For business leaders, arguably the time for speculation and deliberation about whether it is something worth investing in is coming to an end.  

Approaching AI remains daunting, however, with the possibilities being open-ended. Through our AI Readiness Audit, we assess your business landscape, pinpoint AI potential, and prepare you for transformation. 

Recognizing diverse business stages, we adapt our services accordingly. Whether you seek specific AI solutions or are uncertain about potential changes, we cater to your unique needs. 

We identify three optimal AI projects tailored to your organization. We outline a business case for each, highlighting potential benefits, and conduct comprehensive AI workshops, culminating in a proof of concept as a foundation for AI integration. 

Transforming concepts into a roadmap, we focus on service transformation, cost reduction, and productivity enhancement. We develop a robust business case and strategy aligned with your business impact priorities, ensuring AI aligns with your desired changes. 

Navigating diverse AI services involves selecting the right products while addressing concerns like GDPR compliance and brand representation. We guide product selection, offer project management, and ensure smooth implementation following best practices. 

With our help, you can secure a huge accomplishment for your business in the first quarter of this year, and begin reaping the benefits of AI. 

3. Benchmark and review your key vendor contracts

The new year is an excellent time to take stock of your current vendors and suppliers and ask yourself this question: am I getting the best possible service at the best price for my business? With every business being unique, vendors should be selected based on the fittingness of their expertise to the business problems you need solving. As your business grows and changes, you should keep in mind how this might change the services needed. StableLogic offers a full benchmarking and procurement service to provide insight and help make the changes needed.  

In the strategy phase, we analyze your organization and objectives, laying the groundwork for procurement. Leveraging industry insight, we initiate an RFP or tender, compiling a list of potential suppliers. Maintaining integrity, we engage with viable suppliers, ensuring each has a fair chance. Through collaborative Q&A sessions and workshops, suppliers understand your needs, aiding in shortlisting. 

Shortlisted suppliers receive the RFP, engaging in detailed correspondence. We manage the process entirely, liaising with your internal team, keeping you informed without added burden. After Q&A, suppliers submit bids, rigorously scored based on cost, capabilities, and fit. Objective scoring aligns with industry best practices, aiding in identifying the ideal supplier. Top-scoring suppliers participate in in-depth interviews, discussing proposals and project futures. Comprehensive discussions aid in final decision-making. 

The chosen supplier is then recommended, entering contract negotiations. Post-selection, our team can assist in executing and supporting your strategy with our project management expertise. 

4. Get control of your cloud subscriptions 

Has your list of licenses for business tools and platforms become unwieldy? Are you using your various different cloud services in a way that maximizes value for your business? Addressing these questions can be rather headache-inducing, where in our cloud-first world, the sheer number of services grows ever longer.  

There are two main concerns when considering this topic. The first relates to cost saving, looking at the number of services and licenses and where the most impact could be made. Centralization of services and shedding any unnecessary accounts could result in huge cost savings. 

The second relates to security, where there might be vulnerabilities based on the current usage of cloud services. These services represent entry points to your business, and if there is a lack of decent visibility over these points, a breach is far more likely. 

Streamlining licenses not only saves expenses but also allows reinvestment in strategic areas. Moreover, a comprehensive audit of cloud service usage fosters a robust foundation for future technological advancements, enabling agility and adaptability in a rapidly evolving business environment. At StableLogic, we can provide a full audit of your business to identify key areas of improvement. But further to that, we can offer recommendations of management tools as well as manufacturing bespoke software for your business needs. 

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5. Improve your productivity with a bespoke business tool 

Tailored technological solutions cater to complexity. Off-the-shelf tools suit simpler models, providing essential functionalities efficiently. In contrast, complex business structures benefit from bespoke software, adapting to intricate needs, integrating tools, and streamlining operations. Custom solutions not only differentiate businesses but also elevate competition. The advantages in flexibility and scalability stand out compared to rigid off-the-shelf options. 

StableLogic Labs' experience in creating bespoke software for Pioneer DJ's owner, AlphaTheta, showcases the impact of tailored solutions. We addressed their need for a sophisticated parts delivery and warehouse system, enhancing customer experience and ensuring efficient service delivery globally. This bespoke application aligned with their commitment to quality execution, steering them toward continued business success. 

Ready to start committing to a resolution? Get in touch and start your transformation today. 

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