Due to the growth of digital tools, the experience that customers expect when dealing with a business has changed dramatically. Instead of calling a company with every question, customers now expect to have a variety of resources available to assist them, including chatbots, mobile apps, customer forums, social media, and more. Consequently, the contact centre landscape is in a constant process of change to meet these new demands and expectations.

Obviously, this can be a difficult landscape for businesses to navigate. For many, it can prove problematic to ascertain whether their contact centre operation is meeting current customer needs.

One simple way to evaluate your contact centre operation is to compare it to your competitors. StableLogic’s contact centre consultants can undertake a detailed benchmarking on behalf of your business, providing proactive advice to help you to deliver results. A benchmark can provide you with insights into how to improve your overall customer experience and the efficiency of your contact centre. Our consultants can provide you with advice on the following:

Costs– Are you paying more or less than the market in general?
Services – Are your competitors providing different options?
Accessibility – How does your service compare?
Level of Service – Are you market leading or behind?
Customer Experience – Are your competitors better or worse?

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