StableLogic and Sovereign Network Group teamed up to complete a digital transformation of their customer care service, providing a sleeker and more scalable technology for one of the biggest providers of new homes in the UK.  


About the Sovereign Network Group 

The Sovereign Network Group (SNG) are one of the largest organisations in the UK responsible for the construction and management of more affordable homes in the South. With a focus on ‘design, quality and sustainability’, the SNG delivers around 2000 new homes every year and, as a not-for-profit group, they are playing a key role in dealing with the UK’s current housing crisis. 

Their Mission 

As a growing organisation looking to enhance how they deliver their services, Sovereign looked to undertake a large-scale digital transformation project. With connections to over 200,000 clients, improving customer care and ensuring that their business was able to scale without disrupting service were two key objectives of the project. In order to achieve these two objectives, Sovereign required a complete overhaul of their Contact Centre solution, it’s functionality, and the delivery of the service.  

Choosing StableLogic 

On choosing StableLogic, Sam Dart, Product Director at Sovereign, said the following:


They feel like they’re part of your team, and they tread this brilliant line between understanding what you’re trying to achieve as an organisation while also providing you with unbiased advice. 

Sam Dart, Product Director


StableLogic set out 4 key areas in which they would work to help realise Sovereign’s vision.  

  1. Reviewing the existing contract - StableLogic provided unbiased, third-party advice on the current contract and which direction they could take. 
  2. Understand the business requirements - Through careful consultation, StableLogic took time to get to know the exact desires and business objectives. 
  3. Develop strategy - StableLogic created a bespoke roadmap and plan for the technological changes needed, taking into account the various products and services in place. 
  4. Procurement - StableLogic facilitated the procurement process, from the initial specification to the contracting. 

More than just a consultancy 

The project was a resounding success, with the completed digital transformation delivering a superior customer experience and stronger technological foundation on which Sovereign could deliver for their customers at the forefront of their business.  

Speaking further on the project, Sam noted StableLogic’s emphasis on creating a strong relationship with Sovereign to go beyond being simply a software provider:


They are incredibly accommodating to make sure we get the right set of services and solutions, but we have a relationship that goes beyond just buying some software, what we have now is a trusted organisation, for when it comes to customer experience and technology, we can pick up the phone and say ‘what are you seeing?’ Or ‘this is what I’m hearing’.

Sam Dart, Product Director


With network communications and customer care as two of our core specialities, we have helped numerous companies like Sovereign to achieve their communication objectives. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. 

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