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We are 100% independent contact centre consultants with 30 years' experience. From strategy to procurement and implementation, we deliver your contact centre transformation needs.

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"They tread this brilliant line between understanding what you're trying to achieve as an organisation, but also providing you unbiased advice."

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Quality is at the core of every transformation we deliver as contact centre consultants, not just in thorough documentation but also in the trust we build with our clients. We are dedicated to delivering real results for your business.

Speak to one of our consultants and learn more about how StableLogic can advise on your contact centre and wider business strategy.  

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Best Practice, According to the Experts

Listen to our contact centre consultants advise on the top 5 questions we get asked the most by clients, and learn how StableLogic are positioned to support your contact centre transformation needs.

Everyone's talking about AI - why?

Recent developments in AI have led to a transformation in contact centre technology - AI chatbots only scratch the surface.

AI can't replace human agents but can drastically increase their productivity, create a smoother customer experience, and even identify customer trends to provide you with workforce suggestions. And more.

Interested in what AI can do for your contact centre? Send us your requirements to get started.  

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Our Methodology

Meeting your business objectives will require a tailored approach. Whether you need full-scope services from our contact centre consultants (like the below), or assistance with a specific part of the process, we are here to help.

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With over 30 years of experience as contact centre consultants, we often get the question, 'What is contact centre best practice?' Our experts give their definition of best practice in every area of your contact centre, from setting an SLA to procuring your tech stack, and everything in between.

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contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation
contact centre transformation

Contact Centre Insights

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Beyond contact centre consultancy, we offer full-scope project services from project management to software development. Learn more about our offering below.

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Project Management

We manage the implementation of new technology to ensure a smooth adoption with minimal risk and spend.

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StableLogic Labs

Our experts develop custom software, built to your specifications, that gives you a competitive advantage.

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Utilise our patented TEM solution to manage all business expenses including invoices, company devices and more.

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