Currently, most companies are rapidly expanding their use of remote working or making a dramatic entrance into that form of operating. In an environment defined by a mobile workforce, an effective unified communications solution is a necessity. However, choosing the most effective solution for your company can be a difficult and confusing task.

Below, we examine five tips to consider when evaluating which remote working solution is right for your business:

  1. Provider Stability

When selecting a remote working solution, you should consider how a vendor can support your business in the long-term. You should consider whether the provider is established enough to offer you services that you may require, such as 24/7 phone support, to web support for enterprises that need it. You may even find vendors that can come and train you in using the latest equipment that you want to enable for your team.

  1. Contact Centre Solution

Many businesses are beginning to enter an era where they want their internal and external communications to be more closely linked. Many providers can also offer CCaaS functionality that can provide your business with the tools it needs to deliver more contextual and advanced conversations. If you want an all-in-one communication environment, then it may be time to look for a vendor that specializes in both UCaaS and CCaaS.

  1. Phased Migration

Whilst, many providers will offer a major roll-out of your required solution, it may be more necessary for your business to implement an incremental migration. Choosing a solution that provides a phased migration by location and functionality may be a good option for testing new solutions and training offerings, particularly for a large global enterprise. A phased migration can also be a good option when testing new tools to ensure success.

  1. Third Party Integration

When selecting a UCaaS solution it’s important to check whether they can combine services that your organisation is already using into their functionality, as not all companies do so. A unified communications solution should have collaboration in mind, a successful solution will allow your company to integrate existing third-party apps into your workflows. Most providers are offering integrations today with leading management and communication tools. However, some are offering more limited options and it’s important to check whether their solution can integrate effectively within your organisation.

  1. Security

One important aspect to consider when evaluating a remote working solution is what level of security it offers. Your business must do everything it can to keep communications secure and in the right hands. Some providers may not have the proper security and encryption systems in place, which may compromise your data, and lead to fines and security violations.

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