Across all industries, the customer experience is undergoing a rapid transformation. Only a little over a decade ago, there were no smartphones, social media channels, or mobile apps to be considered throughout the customer journey. Today, that journey can take place across multiple channels, and digital interactions are starting to exceed those taking place on voice channels. Thus, the era of the single channel call centre is coming to a close.

Ensuring that your contact centre is prepared for the future of communication is essential to remaining successful. Consumers expect their problems to be dealt with promptly and efficiently during the first contact. Whilst the idea of upgrading or changing your contact centre can seem intimidating for most businesses, the following are a few simple tips to consider when deciding how to modernize your contact centre solution.

1. Evaluate Your Current Solution
Assess the current technology in use, while also examining the availability of technologies on the market and future trends. After careful consideration, the appropriate strategy should then be put in place, complete with strategic roadmaps for achievement and timelines.

2. Consider a Cloud Based Solution
Cloud based contact centres are hosted in the cloud by a service provider, eliminating the need for the contact centre organization to deploy or maintain any hardware systems other than the computers and phones that agents and supervisors need to access the system. This model can dramatically reduce costs and increase revenues as expensive investments in hardware are no longer required. Migration to the cloud also facilitates remote working, and data can be stored at a lower cost without the need for physical servers.

3. Real-Time Call Monitoring
To ensure an effective customer experience, contact centre supervisors should be actively monitoring the work of their agents. New technologies are constantly evolving which enable supervisors to monitor such interactions much more easily. For example, there are many cloud based solutions which are able to judge consumer sentiments and escalate to more experienced agents, if appropriate.

4. Rethink the Customer Experience
In order to deliver a top-class customer experience, it is essential to have an intimate understanding of what the customer expects from you. The context of each interaction should be understood so that optimized routing can take place. A more personalized experience has also been proven to increase customer satisfaction levels. Customers today expect the agent who answers the phone to have knowledge of any previous contacts. Analytics and AI should be optimized to better understand consumer behaviours.

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