Moving your IT services to the cloud can be an overwhelming task. Whilst most people now realize the benefits of the cloud, businesses (and their IT departments) must weigh up how and when they can best move their current systems. Before making any moves, businesses must consider their applications, plus the hardware and network of systems that support the delivery of them.

A cloud readiness assessment can advise a business on cloud adoption and transformation strategies, helping you to understand how to unlock from the resulting benefits for your business.

At StableLogic, when we conduct a cloud readiness assessment, we not only assess your readiness form a technical perspective but also from a business perspective as well.

Key questions answered during a cloud readiness assessment:

• Is the organisation ready to move to cloud services?
• Are the organisations objectives aligned with the cloud services model?
• What changes would need to be put in place to move to the cloud?
• What would be the impact of cloud services on data security, service availability and disaster recovery?
• Which applications and services would benefit most from moving to the cloud?
• What are the major problems and risks of moving to the cloud?
• What are the advantages and limitations of cloud services both technically and strategically?

A cloud readiness assessment from StableLogic fully analyses the cloud options, benefits, limitations, risks and costs. Our clients receive a complete analysis of their cloud position and the future options.

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