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Find out how major global corporations are benefiting from our independent WAN Consultancy services

StableLogic are independent Global Network Consultants.  Our multinational WAN Consultancy services help clients to develop their network strategy, benchmark costs and manage procurement processes.

We support FTSE 100 and Fortune 5000 companies, as well many other organisations who operate on an international basis.  We are entirely independent Global Network Consultants – we don’t sell any network services or take commissions from network providers.

Options such as hybrid networks and SDN allow organisations to improve functionality and reduce cost.  As data network consultants, we are helping many clients to peering with major cloud providers such as Google, Azure and AWS, in order to improve application performance.

Global Network Consultants

  • As global network consultants, we fully understand how critical the network is to most organisations. With an increasing trend to the centralisation of IT and the move to cloud services, a highly reliable WAN is more important than ever.

    We specialise in supporting multinational organisations with their network requirements.  StableLogic global clients include those in the manufacturing, automobile, finance and healthcare sectors.

    StableLogic are an independent global network consultants and have many years’ experience advising clients on their WAN strategies, benchmarking WAN costs and service levels and managing network procurements.  At StableLogic, we can assist in the following ways:

    Product Knowledge – Extensive understanding of the different product offerings and their strengths and weaknesses in a real world environment.

    Supplier Intelligence – Extensive understanding of the various suppliers, their financial stability and market strengths and weaknesses.

    Cost Information – From the management of almost continuous procurement processes we are quickly able to benchmark costs and also understand how far suppliers are willing to go in cost negotiation.

  • With the consolidation of IT services and the move to the cloud, the WAN becomes the core of the network.  But how does it fit together with cloud services, data centres, virtualisation, thin client delivery, voice and video?

    For multinational organisations the complications of different services available in different countries, different regulations and security are all major challenges and form part of our global network consultancy services.

    Stablelogic work with clients to deliver a WAN strategy for this complex infrastructure and to develop the business case.  The service enhancements, business continuity and cost benefits can be very considerable.

    The traditional approach of an MPLS network, with regional breakouts to the Internet is no longer suitable for many organisations.  The effect can simply be to use expensive MPLS circuits to backhaul data to a regional Internet breakout.  Many StableLogic clients are moving to hybrid networks – but what are the advantages and limitations?

  • How does the cost of your global WAN compare to current market rates?  Do you have market leading service levels or could you do better with another supplier?

    These are important questions but running a full WAN procurement to find the answers can be a time-consuming process – particularly if you’re happy with your current WAN supplier.

    If you’re looking to renegotiate your WAN contract, but don’t want a major project to change the WAN, where do you start without understanding how your costs and service levels compare?

    StableLogic’s WAN Benchmarking service, directly compares your costs and service levels to current market rates and provides the valuable information you need to embark on a procurement or start a negotiation.

  • The selection of a multinational WAN supplier is a critical infrastructure decision for any CTO/IT Director.  Without a reliable, effective and optimised WAN, the rest of the organisation’s IT systems are all but useless.  StableLogic have a proven record of supporting clients with WAN procurements on a local, national, regional and global level.

    StableLogic manage WAN procurements major multinational corporations with services right across the world.

    Selecting StableLogic to support your WAN procurement, provides 3 major benefits:

    • Lower Costs – We know the products, suppliers, and the best negotiation strategy
    • Less Risk – We inform you of the market, the supplier risks and how the services work in the real world
    • Faster Procurement – We have a proven process, a strong methodology and templates that deliver

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