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Using Video to Improve Customer Experience

Using Video to Improve Customer Experience

The use of video for communication between people is expanding at an incredible rate.  Applications such as Skype and Apple’s FaceTime are helping individuals to effectively keep in touch.  Social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and full of home-made video.  Snapchat is specifically designed to allow users to communicate with video clips.

So why are consumers so far ahead of businesses in the use of video?  Quite simply, video is complex to implement for B2C communication.  How do you service the video calls?  Do you record them?  How do you queue and manage video calls?  Even basics such as the visual look of the office all become very important.

But video can deliver major benefits, for example:

  • Sales – One of the oldest sales phases is “people buy from people” – meaning that the personal touch is critical.  Think of the increase in sales levels if consumers could actually see the agent?
  • Customer Service – Some applications, from how to service an item of equipment to a medical analysis can be substantially enhanced if the expert in the business can actually see the customer and anything they are asked to point their smartphone camera at.

Video is set to be a major game changer in Customer Experience, both increasing sales and creating excellent customer service.