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UC Strategy

Every 10 years or so, the telecoms industry experiences a major technology change.  In the 1980’s it was the change from analogue to digital PBX’s, the 1990s saw the widespread use of mobile and in the 2000’s the shift to VoIP.  These changes have all resulted in major changes to the products and suppliers in the market.

We are currently experiencing the next dramatic change in telephony technology.

Some of the evidence for this seismic change includes:

  • Traditional Suppliers – Many of the traditional PBX suppliers are in financial difficulty or being taken over.
  • Cloud – The sales of cloud based services are increasing exponentially.
  • 4G – Many StableLogic clients are moving to mobile only services, particularly for sales and other mobile staff.

Your Unified Communications Strategy

These changes create risks in planning your future unified communications strategy but also result in significant benefits. The move to unified communications, and not just traditional voice telephony, has now become mainstream and considered a business critical system by many organisations.

StableLogic has recently supported many clients develop their unified communications strategy which has delivered the following:

  • Cost Reduction – Often very substantial savings from integrating cloud, fixed, mobile and WAN
  • Functionality Enhancement – Adding Unified Communications and mobile functionality can rapidly change working practices
  • Zero Capital Cost – Changes implemented with little or no CapEx
  • Lower Risk – With products changing and suppliers disappearing, we have helped clients de-risk

Selecting StableLogic to support your telecoms voice strategy provides three major benefits:

  • Control – With the market in such a state of flux, we put you in control by giving you the latest information
  • Lower Costs – We know the products, suppliers and the business models that create savings
  • Less Risk – We inform you of the market, the supplier risks and how the services work in the real world

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Unified Communications Consultants

  • StableLogic have provided independent advice on telecommunications for almost 20 years and have considerable experience supporting both UK and multinational clients develop and procure their Unified Communications strategy.

    One clients simply require a telephony solution – often called a PBX or VoIP.  Other organisations are seeking to add presence, messaging, video and desktop sharing to their business processes.  Products such as Skype for Business, Jabber and Spark fall into this category.

    Many projects include:

    • Telecoms Strategy – On premise, cloud, hosted, etc.
    • Supplier Selection – Particularly given the financial problems of many suppliers
    • Functionality – Voice, unified communications, contact centre, etc.
    • Telecoms Procurement – Purchasing new voice solutions
    • Telecoms Benchmarking – How does the cost and quality of your voice solution compare?
    • Telecoms Audits – Can you reduce your telecoms costs?
    • Fault Analysis – What is causing a fault or problem?
  • Unified Communications (UC) is a term used to indicate the integration of different forms of communications, typically including the telephone, instant messaging, video and presence.  “Presence” is real-time information about the status of another person, e.g. on the phone, in a meeting, on holiday, etc.

    UC has created a lot of new communications opportunities and products are available from almost all of the traditional telephony manufacturers.  In addition, software suppliers such as Microsoft have launched products, in the case of Microsoft it is called Skype for Business (formally Microsoft Lync).

    UC functionality is available on smart phones and tablets, creating a truly versatile proposition which can result in significant business benefit.

    How you implement and benefit from UC is a key challenge.  At StableLogic we help clients identify the opportunities, develop a strategy and a business case.

  • Selecting a replacement telephone system at the current time is very difficult.  You may consider it sensible to evaluate the products and suppliers that have been well proven over the last ten years.  On the other hand, many of these suppliers are in financial difficulties and new technologies are emerging.  So, do you select a traditional on-premise system, a cloud service or a products such as Skype for Business?

    StableLogic work with these challenges on a daily basis.  As an independent telecommunications consultancy, we understand the products and suppliers, we understand the cost model and the various advantages and limitations.

  • Are you paying too much for your Mobile, Telephone Lines or Calls?  How does your Service Level Agreement, reliability and contract compare with the market?  As a specialist independent telecoms consultancy, StableLogic can help you answer these questions.

    Many clients simply want to know how their costs and service levels compare to the market, without running a full procurement process.  StableLogic’s telecoms benchmarking service provides exactly this analysis.  As an organisation which is continually procuring telecoms services for many different types of organisation, we can quickly and accurately compare your contract to the market.

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