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Are my Telecom Tariffs Competitive?

Are my Telecom Tariffs Competitive?

How can I make sure I am achieving market rate tariffs without going through a lengthy procurement?

Telecommunications costs can be tedious to manage.  Often clients are happy with the service being provided by existing supplier, they just want a lower cost in line with market rates. You could simply go to your existing supplier and ask for a discount.  This approach is likely to save 5% – 10% but how can you tell if this is truly market rate?

An alternative approach is to use a benchmark with which to compare a new proposal. The problem is, how do you know what the current market rates are?

StableLogic provide a comprehensive benchmarking service, whether it be for networks (WAN’s), landlines (Fixed services) or mobile tariffs.  StableLogic have visibility of the rates and rentals clients can expect, based on size, industry, market knowledge and experience.

We save as much as 30% simply by explaining to your supplier, the current market rates.  No change to service, no equipment to purchase and no lengthy procedure to complete.

Our Auditing tools are also likely to find redundant services too delivering further savings!

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