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LAN Consultants

StableLogic are independent LAN Consultants who specialise in the design, procurement and implementation of local area network technologies.

How is your Local Area Network performing?  Are you facing an expensive upgrade?  Equipment becoming end of life?  Concerned about security?

StableLogic are independent LAN consultants advising on network strategy, procurement and optimisation.

As LAN Consultants, our typical projects include:
  • Audits – What equipment do you have, how is it operating, what is the lifespan?
  • Benchmarking – How does your network cost and performance compare to the market?
  • Strategy Development – What should your LAN strategy be for the next 5 years?
  • Procurement – Lower risk and lower costs from an expert procurement

LAN Consultants

Until recently, the selection of a LAN vendor was fairly straightforward.  You could select the market leader and have security in the brand, but pay more, or you could select a lower cost competitor.  Different organisations made the decision based on budget and their perceptions of the different brands.

More recently, the market has been changing rapidly.  Lower cost products now have a great deal of functionality to be considered.  With the emergence of the Software Defined Network (SDN), relatively low cost edge equipment is a possibility – with all of the intelligence moved to the centre of the network.

StableLogic are experienced LAN Consultants and are experienced at analysing the challenges and options and helping clients decide their future strategy.


For further information on our LAN consultancy services, please contact us.


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Infrastructure Consultants

  • As independent telecommunications consultants, StableLogic provide impartial advice on all aspects of local and wide area networks, wireless and both fixed and mobile communications.

    Typical projects including the auditing of current services, strategy advice and development and the procurement of new services.

    StableLogic have many years’ practical experience in the management, design and procurement of communications infrastructure.  We understand the products and suppliers and their associated strengths, weaknesses and costs.

  • Many clients come to StableLogic wanting to gain control of their mobile expenditure.  Although unit costs are coming down and every new mobile contract appears to be at a lower price, the overall cost of mobiles are increasing considerably.  Why?

    This increase is partly down to increased usage and the expectation of using a device in the same way abroad as at home, but that is only part of the reason.  Many organisations simply don’t have control of the service – and therefore money is wasted.

    StableLogic provide expert advice and support on all aspects of mobile – from auditing to security and procurement.

  • A fast and reliable LAN is critical to the success of any organisation.  But solution designs, products and costs vary considerably between the different vendors.  Which product is best and what strategy should you consider?

    Is it time to move to a Software Defined Network (SDN) and change the way you deliver services?  How should you deal with guest devices?  What level of security should you design in?

    As independent consultants, StableLogic have many years’ practical experience in the analysis, design and procurement of local area networks.

  • WiFi or Wireless technology has been available for many years.  WiFi service is almost ubiquitous – from the office to the coffee shop, as well as on trains and planes.  So given it is such a well-established technology – why is it so bad?

    Common problems include being unable to connect to the network, connecting but not obtaining an IP address, the splash screen not loading, the connection being slow and the connection dropping out.

    StableLogic are independent consultants specialising in WiFi.

  • Using the telephone is continually rated by consumers as their least preferred way of communicating with a company.  For businesses, the telephone is often their most expensive channel of communication with their customers.  Despite being unpopular and high cost, the traditional call centre is still one of the most common methods for customer communication.

    Organisations that do provide a truly unique Customer Experience develop their approach to meet the customer’s needs – not their own.  As independent contact centre consultants we support clients in understanding the options, to consider new media channels and, if required, to “wow” their customers.

    It’s not simple – but StableLogic have a proven track record of helping clients to develop a unique Customer Experience.

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  • 20+ years experience
  • Household name clients
  • Specialising in UK and Multinational clients
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