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Telecom Cost Saving

Telecom Cost Saving

Telecommunications costs represent a significant part of the IT budget and are increasing – so what are the options to deliver a telecom cost saving?

Recent years have seen a major move from fixed telephony to mobile.  As a result, mobile costs have increased and, in theory, the fixed line costs should have reduced – after all, there are now far fewer calls over the fixed line network.  However, fixed line costs have remained broadly flat for the simple reason that network providers have moved the cost from telephone calls to the rental of the lines themselves. This strategy has allowed fixed network providers to retain their revenues despite the mobile to mobile services.

It is possible to deliver significant reductions in telecom costs although it is certainly not simple.  Telecommunications services are complex and, if changed in error, can have a major impact on business operations.  We would highlight the following top tips:

  1. Audit – The move from fixed to mobile services has resulted in a large number of redundant services.  A comprehensive telecommunications audit can produce very significant savings.  For details of StableLogic’s auditing services, click here.
  2. Review Technology – Modern services, such as cloud telephony and SIP, can provide savings compared with traditional services.  For details on strategy options please click here.
  3. Benchmark – A benchmark quickly highlights the differences between an organisations’ tariffs and market rates.  This allows a rapid renegotiation of costs or a procurement process.  For benchmarking services please click here.
  4. Implement – Finally, it is critical to implement the findings of these reviews.  Many organisations fail to gain the full benefit of a review, by only implementing some of the findings.

For further details of how StableLogic can help businesses to reduce telecom costs, please contact us.