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NHS WannaCry Ransomware

By now, you have probably heard of the NHS WannaCry ransomware attack that has infected thousands of computers around the world, taking down critical services such as the UK’s National Health Service and Spain’s telecom company Telefonica. In this article we review the impact on NHS telephone systems. During the initial outbreak, some NHS Trusts were …


Are my Telecom Tariffs Competitive?

How can I make sure I am achieving market rate tariffs without going through a lengthy procurement? Telecommunications costs can be tedious to manage.  Often clients are happy with the service being provided by existing supplier, they just want a lower cost in line with market rates. You could simply go to your existing supplier …


Is the term Unified Communications ironic?

In the good old days, we had email for text and a PBX for telephone calls. How things have changed, a typical large corporate now uses: PBX’s Instant messaging and presence Varios mobile devices and platforms iMessage, SMS etc. A number of audio conference services Video conference services WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc (although perhaps not officially) …


Cisco and Apple Integration

It was announced last year that Apple had chosen to partner with Cisco in order to expand their integration of iOS with WebEx, Telepresence and Cisco Spark. In their announcement, Apple said, “To address the ever-increasing demands on corporate infrastructure, Cisco networks and iOS devices will be optimized so that they work together more efficiently …