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The Omnichannel Strategy – A Game Changer in the Contact Centre

When customers are directed to a contact centre in order to gain assistance or support, many will assume that the whole process will be a complete nightmare. They may not get the support they need and be put on hold for ages or end up being transferred from department to department. In order to help …


How do I Reduce the Cost of the Contact Centre?

The Contact Centre is critical to the both sales and customer service in most organisations.  A strong Contact Centre can have a real impact on the organisations bottom line.  But Contact Centres are a major cost in both technology and, most significantly, staff resource. So how do you maintain service levels but reduce the cost …


Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Until recently, customer engagement simply comprised face to face, for example with a retailer, or a contact centre answering telephone calls and perhaps email.  The world has changed rapidly, customer expectations have increased and the speed of change rapid. Today, customer engagement covers many different communication channels such as voice, video, social media, email and …