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Using Cloud Services to Deliver Business Agility

Historically, organisations were required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. The benefit of moving to a cloud model is that it gives organisations an alternative in which they can plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet. By utilising this software distribution model organisation can …


Do Cloud Services Save Money?

It is no longer enough for a change in strategy to deliver performance benefits alone, the change must deliver cost efficiencies as well. Cloud services can help reduce the bottom line in the following ways: No hardware CAPEX –  removes the need for your organisation to purchase equipment and hardware as well as expenditure on …


Do Cloud Services Improve Performance and Resilience?

Whether you are considering a complete move to cloud, a partial move or just interested in what all the hype is about, organisations are significantly improving bottom line performance by incorporating cloud services into their corporate IT environment. Organisational thinking around technical asset investment is changing, where once it was firmly engrained in an organisations …


Clould I connect my network to the Cloud?

With the growing trend of organisations using more cloud based services, the need for enhanced performance, security and reliability, backed up by some form of service level agreement becomes critical.  The use of such services such as Office 365, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now commonplace across most major …


MPLS, Internet or Both! What’s best for your business?

112,500,000,000. That is a big number. It is also the estimated number of emails sent per day in the business world alone in 2015. The rate at which we are increasingly consuming data in the business environment leads to increased costs across the corporate infrastructure. This coupled with the rapid adoption of cloud services begs …

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