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Software Defined Wide Area Networks

Software Defined Wide Area Networks

MPLS, the core networking technology for all most all organisations, is transforming rapidly.  An MPLS network, internal data centres and strong firewalls to keep the private network secure from the public Internet, is a model that no longer works for many organisations.

MPLS is being impacted by a series of challenges:

  1. The Internet – The quality, bandwidth and performance of the public Internet have improved rapidly and the costs have continued to fall.  For example, in central London it is possible to obtain a 1GB synchronous connection for £70 per month, even a 2Mb MPLS connection is likely to be around £400.  The same is true in many other locations around the world.
  2. Data – Corporate data is increasing being hosted in cloud environments on the Internet. There is little point in using an expensive MPLS network, just to reach the Internet – why not go straight to the Internet.
  3. Users – With agile working practices, users are often on portable devices using WiFi, outside of the corporate network. In many cases they only access cloud services such as Office 365.  Forcing these users to VPN into the corporate network, only to reach an Internet based resource, increases cost and significantly reduces performance.
  4. New Networking Products – A diverse range of new networking products are available. These optimise network services, across the Internet, to deliver enhanced performance for features such as voice, thin client applications and video.
  5. Back-Hauling – In larger organisations, is can be common to back-haul data to regional Internet breakout locations. For example, a user in Sydney breaking out to the Internet in Japan.  This is a classic network design as it deduces the numbers of firewalls to be purchased and reduces the points of vulnerability.  However, it dramatically impacts performance and significantly increases cost, particularly if the user required a local Internet based resource such as Office 365.

StableLogic are advising many clients on their networking transformations and the large number of options now available.  For an independent review of your network, please contact us.