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How do I Reduce the Cost of the Contact Centre?

How do I Reduce the Cost of the Contact Centre?

The Contact Centre is critical to the both sales and customer service in most organisations.  A strong Contact Centre can have a real impact on the organisations bottom line.  But Contact Centres are a major cost in both technology and, most significantly, staff resource.

So how do you maintain service levels but reduce the cost of the contact centre?  The answer for an increasing number of organisations is effective data analytics and, as a result, changing the allocation of tasks to agents.

Contact Centres have always been one of the most measured areas of most businesses.  But simple measures, such as average waiting time, are poor at measuring staff utilisation, prioritising customers or improving staff productivity.  A more complex analytics engine is required to fully deliver value.

A number of advanced analytics solutions are now available on the market; common benefits include:

  • Returns on investment in as little as 3 months
  • Significant ongoing cost savings as a result of fewer staff hours required
  • No impact on customer service
  • Increased staff satisfaction levels as a result of more diverse tasks

For an initial discussion on the potential cost savings that you could achieve in your Contact Centre, please contact StableLogic.