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Public Sector Cost Saving Guarantee

Public Sector Cost Saving Guarantee

StableLogic fully recognises the financial challenges our public sector colleagues are facing. Much of the public sector has frozen or reducing budgets, increased service demand and public expectations for improved services.

We believe the only way to meet these challenges is from the effective use of technology but without expensive technology projects with the associated risk of failure.

StableLogic offer a comprehensive technology cost saving service to the public sector, which is available in two variations:

  1. Technology Saving – A complete review of all technology costs to deliver immediate savings
  2. Transformation Saving – A strategic review of the increased use of technology to deliver service delivery cost reductions

We are pleased to offer our triple savings guarantee against both of these services:

  1. We will never charge you more than you save, i.e. the worse case is cost neutral
  2. We will provide a free of charge savings estimate before you place an order with us
  3. Our costs will be as low as possible – for technology savings reviews, an additional 10% saving on our G-Cloud published costs


For further details, please see our public sector page or contact us.