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Outsourcing Telecoms – Free Business Case Development

Outsourcing Telecoms – Free Business Case Development

Outsourcing the management of your mobile telephones and telecoms estate can deliver two benefits – improved service and cost savings.

The management of mobile telephones and other telecommunications services has long been a major cost overhead for organisations.  Managing the ordering, cancelling and changing of these services uses expensive internal resources which could be making much more important strategic decisions.

StableLogic manage mobile devices and other telecommunications services such as conferencing services, telephone lines, telephone systems and data circuits.  Our clients continue to select their own suppliers, agree contracts and review their supplier’s performance.  StableLogic, simply provide an efficient management wrap.

So how can outsourcing to StableLogic reduce cost?

1. Scale – As we manage multiple clients, we have the people and the scale of operation to deliver quickly, this results in an improved service to users but also takes less time, saving money.

2. Tools – We have dedicated software tools, developed over many years, which automate many of the management tasks.

3. Cost Monitoring – Telecoms suppliers are notorious for inaccurate billing and for not confirming to contractual obligations such as using credits. StableLogic systems ensure that all invoices are correct and credits are always claimed.

Of course, the level of saving varies depending on each organisations requirements and, for example, if they require 24/7 coverage.  However, a saving of around 30% is quite common.

For those organisations who are considering outsourcing, StableLogic offer a free of charge business case development process.  We review all of the current costs and develop a full business case, clearly identifying both the service improvements and savings that would be developed.

For more information on this free service, please contact us.