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StableLogic have a well proven methodology that can quickly and effectively reduce your telecom costs.

Our Telecommunications Audits, review all aspects of an organisations telecom costs and deliver practical savings without any impact to services.  We identify services that can be cancelled, benchmark costs against market rates and look at new ways of deliverying the services.

StableLogic’s approach to Telecom Audits delivers fast and low risk cost savings.

Cancel Services

Cancel Redundant Services

Our comprehensive telecommunications audit process identifies all of an organisations telecommunications services, their associated contracts, costs and usage levels.  This database allows us to identify sites that have closed, services no longer used and those that have simply been forgotten.

Deliverable: A full service and asset register and a savings implementation plan.


Align your costs with market rates

How do your costs and contracts compare to market rates?  A critical compoent of our Telecom Audits is to benchmark your costs and to identify the potential savings.  StableLogic maintain an extensive database of UK and international telecommunications costs.

Deliverable: An analysis of your current costs, by service, against market rates.


Use Smarter Technology

StableLogic provide highly experianced telecommunications consultants.  We use our knowledge to review the use of a service and to suggest alternatives.  For example: Are internal calls routing via the public network?  Are users dialling expensive directory services? Are ISDN services maintained for video conferencing?  Could SIP services reduce the cost of ISDN?

Deliverable: An expert report and presentation and an identified list of savings and setps to implement.

Some of our clients

Invensys PLC

Global – Manufacturing

Friends Life

UK – Financial Services


USA & EMEA – Business Services

Circle Housing

UK – Public Sector

Getinge Group

Global – Healthcare

Enterprise Inns

UK – Retail

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  • 20+ years experience
  • Household name clients
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