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Unique solution to quickly identify all of your mobile telephones

Keeping track of corporate mobile phones is a challenge for any organisation.  StableLogic’s mobile audit technology makes a comprehensive audit simple.

Mobile telephones are often lost, leave when staff depart the company or simple get forgotten.  Identifying and then cancelling these devices is the objective of our mobile audit technology.

The benefits are not only cost reduction; mobile telephones carry a great deal of sensitive data.

Average Mobile Audit Saving

StableLogic have developed unique technology that can quickly and effectively identify how is using corporate mobile phones.

As part of the mobile audit, organisations typically collect the users name, staff number and device type.  But the system can collect almost any information.

The technology builds a comprehensive database of users by automatically sending a series of SMS text messages to users and collating the results.  The solution operates with the minimum of manual input – you just need to advise your staff to respond.

As users respond, the system compiles and validates the data.  If a respond doesn’t provide all of the information, the missing information is requested again.

At the end of the process, a complete database of valid users is provided, if required cross referenced against HR staff lists.  In addition, a list of services to cancel is provided and savings can then be implemented.

Mobile Audit
  • Complete list of all corporate devices
  • Identifies user name, number, department etc.
  • Can identify device type
  • List of all unused devices
  • Full management of the process
  • Minimal internal resource overhead

Some of our clients

Invensys PLC

Global – Manufacturing

Friends Life

UK – Financial Services


USA & EMEA – Business Services

Circle Housing

UK – Public Sector

Getinge Group

Global – Healthcare

Enterprise Inns

UK – Retail

Next Steps

  • Completely independent and impartial
  • 20+ years experience
  • Household name clients
  • Specialising in UK and Multinational clients
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